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Properly Cleaning Your Floors

Your floors see a lot of traffic. At the very least, your family tracks in all kinds of dirt and debris from outside into your home. If you have pets, then you have even more feet bringing in things from outside. Keeping the floors and your home clean is essential.   Even if you do […]

Dealing with Tough Floor Stains? Check Out These Tips! (Part 2)

Last week, we gave you some cool tips on how we can remove tough stains from hardwood and concrete, right? Now, let’s continue discussing how we can deal with tough stains but this time, we will give you tips on how to do that with vinyl, tile and carpet flooring!   REMOVE STAINS FROM VINYL […]

Dealing with Tough Floor Stains? Check Out These Tips! (Part 1)

Stains are inevitable, especially when it comes to floors, and let us tell you that all types of floors are at risk of staining. Even the most careful people will experience a stain from time to time because we should accept the fact that spills do happen! However, there is no reason you should get […]