Top Flooring Choices for Bathrooms and Kitchens

With summer around the corner, many homeowners across the country are considering a remodel of their home. This remodel will likely include the replacement of the flooring in their bathroom and kitchen spaces. If you’re about to enter into this process, it’s vital that you know which types of products will suit your bathroom and kitchen best. Within this post, our team will outline the features that support top flooring performance within both bathroom and kitchen areas.

Water Resistance

Moisture is a common problem within bathrooms and kitchen areas, as water splashes from sinks and bathtubs and causes a significant impact on the environment. Without the optimal level of water resistance within your flooring products, you’ll likely have to replace the product within a short time-frame and so it’s essential to consider flooring items that combine durability with water resistance. For example, vinyl flooring is ideal for modern bathroom spaces as it is waterproof and can be refined for a contemporary appeal in the home.


If you have a busy home with young children constantly moving from room to room throughout the day, it’s important to utilize flooring options that protect family members from bacteria. Flooring options with antibacterial properties can assure you the optimal safe environment for your family. Consider for example the use of marmoleum within your kitchen spaces. A leading advantage of marmoleum flooring is that its antibacterial properties don’t diminish over time. It’s a flooring option that is available in many design configurations and provides assured protection within your home for many years.


The durability of flooring spaces is a critical consideration for bathroom and kitchen areas. These are the areas of the home that will see constant foot traffic throughout the day. And so the flooring utilized should be able to withstand constant movement over many years. This means it’s also important the product is scratch and stain resistant. You might wish to consider, for example, laminate flooring for bathroom spaces, as quality laminate flooring is durable, can be installed over many surfaces, and is easy to install.

Only by working directly with trusted flooring experts can you find quality products to integrate into your kitchen or bathroom spaces. To discuss your upcoming renovation project with a specialist, contact our team today!