Tips for Installing Bamboo Flooring

1. Acclimatize the Bamboo From the growth facility in Asia to the packing facility to warehouses to the store floor your bamboo flooring has been in a number of different climates, with different heat and humidity levels. And since it can contract and expand based on humidity, moisture and heat it is best to let it settle for a few days in the home you will be installing it in—so that it doesn’t expand or contract immediately after installation. 2. Know your Base Bamboo flooring can be installed on top of a number of bases (provided the bases are clean, dry and flat of course), but you need to take into account whether you’ll be installing it above or below grade, and what you will be installing it on top of, as this can change your laying materials. So, determine your installation method based on the type of floor you’re installing it on. 3. Keep it Clean During and Post Installation Bamboo floor boards can be scratched so be careful with the boards during installation. Keep them in the box until right before use and don’t use any abrasive installation materials. Once it is installed be sure to keep it clean to keep debris from scratching the finish. 4. Buy the Repair Kit Since bamboo does scratch—and will inevitably get a scratch or two, buy the scratch repair and burn repair kit from the same company who sold you the bamboo boards. Buy it at the same time you’re buying the bamboo floor boards to ensure that it matches your floor colour, identically, and just in case they run out of it or switch bamboo manufacturers in the future. 5. Buy Some Furniture Pads To avoid scratches and dents buy some furniture pads. You can buy them where you buy the floor boards or at any Home Depot or Walmart. 6. Ditch your Heels Heels are a floors second worst enemy. The first is kids and pets. But since you can’t ditch the kids or fur babies for your floor, at least ditch the heels when you get home and opt for a soft slipper instead. If you’re unsure about your ability to install a bamboo floor yourself—or simply don’t have the time to do it—then call Tony’ Flooring, the bamboo flooring experts in Etobicoke and surrounding areas.]]>

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