Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Own Flooring

We live in a DIY world. Television shows, websites, and people we know have all taken on home do-it yourself projects. The shows and websites usually end up with professional grade installations – though it’s likely your friends met with varying levels of success. Installing your own flooring is certainly possible, especially with tiles and wood flooring that is built to be easily racked into place, but there are some pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Not Getting the Subfloor Right

Make sure when you’ve put down the subfloor that it is correctly installed and ready to take flooring. That means flattening it out and cleaning any compounds or contaminants off. Your subfloor needs to be level throughout or you will end up with issues ranging from squeaking to flooring that cracks or breaks after use.

Poor Planning

Like any other project you want to make sure you have a proper plan in place. Make sure the layout is set correctly for wood flooring. Check the size the room correctly and ensure any tiles end in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. Measure your carpet properly. And check your materials – moisture in wood for example can lead to significant issues after installation.

Rushing the Installation

Take your time. Go on the internet and look at multiple sources for proper installation procedures and make sure they check out with one another. Watch a couple of videos with professional tips and tricks to make sure you have a good handle on what needs to be done. Learn the right ways to lay carpet or rack wood floors. Once you’re in the process of laying down the flooring, remember you are an amateur, so if each piece of wood or tile requires time to get right then that’s what it takes. You may have a deadline in your mind but don’t break your back, or your floor, trying to make it.

Installing your own floor can be an arduous task but if done right it can be well worth the trouble. That said, if you’d like to bypass the work and be sure to have a great looking floor you can always go with professional installers instead. If you’re looking for great flooring to install yourself, with the option of expert installers doing it for you, join us at Tony’s Flooring today for a terrific array of options.