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The Best Type of Carpet for Pets

If you are looking for flooring that provides both comfort and quality to residential and commercial properties, then carpet flooring is what you are looking for. It comes with a wide range of colours, designs, textures, and patterns – perfect for any style of home or office. When choosing carpet flooring, you can now make […]

Excellent Carpet Flooring for Pet Lovers

You may be moving to your new home soon, or perhaps having your current one renovated. Either way, you should know that finding the right kind of flooring for your home is very critical– more so if you’re also pet lovers and owners. Your decision becomes even more important because as you know, having pets […]

Best Flooring Options for Your Pets

Whether you are having your new home built or getting your existing one remodeled, choosing the right flooring is a big decision to make. This is especially important if you have pets as they can be hard on your flooring with their paws and claws. So if you intend to keep your pets at home, […]

Spring Decorating Tips

Spring is all about fresh starts and sunshine – something we don’t get to enjoy all that often! It would be a shame if you let this season go by without bringing in a bit of sunshine and bloom into your home with a bit of decorating. Redecorating your home in time for spring will […]

Top Flooring Choices for Bathrooms and Kitchens

With summer around the corner, many homeowners across the country are considering a remodel of their home. This remodel will likely include the replacement of the flooring in their bathroom and kitchen spaces. If you’re about to enter into this process, it’s vital that you know which types of products will suit your bathroom and […]

Best Floor Coverings for Pet Lovers

Pet Friendly Floor Coverings Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring is a good choice for pet lovers since both vinyl plank flooring and sheet vinyl are very durable choices that will last for a number of years once installed. They are scratch and dent-resistant and will stand up well to moisture as well, in case pet  accident […]

Is Hardwood a Pet-friendly Flooring Choice?

Make Sure your Hardwood is Pet-friendly Flooring Avoid Softer Types of Wood When you go shopping for hardwood flooring, make sure that you let the salesperson know that you are looking for the hardest wood you can find. Stay away from softer woods, like pine, American walnut and American cherry. All hardwoods will get scratches […]