Winter Flooring: The Best Flooring Options for Cold Weather

  • Cork
  • Cork flooring is known as the ‘cold weather floor’ as cork provides a natural insulation. This insulation means it can not only reduce your heating bills, but also reflect heat back into the room—and, it is warmer to the touch. Cork is warmer than vinyl, hardwood and laminate. The simple reason why cork stays warm to the touch is due to the air bubbles that are trapped within the cork, which acts as its own natural insulation. As an added bonus, not only does cork flooring feel warmer to the touch, it also feel softer under your feet. It’s like walking on a puffy, warm, beautiful cloud.
    1. Carpet or Area Rugs
    Carpet is obviously one of the warmest flooring types as it provides a natural cushioning, and like cork it traps air in for natural insulation. Carpet however is fading in popularity with homeowners—and homebuyers—which is why area rugs are becoming popular. For high-traffic areas consider laying area rugs over your hardwood flooring, cork flooring or ceramic tile. Area rugs are one of the cheapest ways to warm up your floors.
    1. Under-Floor Heating
    For the absolute warmest floors possible, there’s under-floor heating. This under-utilized flooring Canada option is like a tropical vacation for your feet as it radiates heat outwards—from the floor up.
    1. Hardwood
    Hardwood flooring isn’t as warm as cork is, but it is the best of the standard flooring Canada options. Hardwood is warmer than stone and ceramic and other tiles, and is generally less expensive than options like cork and under-floor heating. Note: older, more drafty homes may find that hardwood is a little cooler to the touch, but it is a great option for newer homes with heated, finished basements. Laminate flooring is another reasonably warm-to-the-touch flooring option. When it comes to flooring Canada, and floors to keep your feet warm—simply stay away from the coldest options. These ‘coldest’ options include: stone, ceramics and other tiles. For more help in selecting the perfect floor for your home, call the experts. Call Tony’s Flooring.]]>