How to Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor

Many homeowners neglect to properly take care of their hardwood floors – paving the way to a number of unsightly damages and costly repairs. When it comes to hardwood floor maintenance, the steps are as easy as 1-2-3!

Tony’s Flooring Centre is dedicated in helping you take care of your hardwood floor that is why we made a rundown of some of the most important maintenance you’ll ever need. Read the article below and find out more.

  1. Be light on your feet.

Constantly walking on hardwood floors can cause dents on the surface  – which can add up in time. Avoid walking on hardwood floors while wearing heels, as much as you can.

Your furniture’s feet can also cause dents and scratches, installing inexpensive felt pads on them can extend your floor’s life and lustre tremendously.

  1. Trim your pet’s nails.

While there is no preventing your pets from running around the house, keeping their nails short at all times can spare you from the unsightly scratches they may otherwise cause.

  1. Keep a mat by your door’s entrance.

Having a rug by your door’s entrance lessens the chances of dirt, moisture and other outside elements from coming in and damaging your floor.

  1. Sweep and dust regularly.

Make sure you sweep and dust your floors as often as you can. Sweeping and dusting gets rid of tiny particles that can cause abrasion on the floor’s surface.

  1. Act on spills FAST.

Clean and wipe away any signs of spillage as soon as you can to prevent water from penetrating through the wood’s fibres. Allowing water to seep through can weaken the floor’s overall strength and may make them more susceptible to mould growth and other deteriorating factors.


  1. Limit your floor’s exposure to sunlight – as much as you can.

Excessive exposure to the sun may wear out the wood faster than it normally would. Make sure shut the curtains when you can – especially during the afternoon.

  1. Get professional work done.

When it comes to extending your hardwood floor’s life, having it refinished is your best bet. Maintaining your floor with the tips we mentioned above can help you keep them looking new for longer but a refinishing project can make a big difference.

Refinishing would involve meticulous and fine sanding to prep the floor from the treatment it will receive later on. After being sanded, it will be stained and varnished according to your taste! This gives you a brand-new looking floor without the added cost.

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