Female sneakers with floral pattern standing on an old wooden floor

What Your Squeaking Floor is Telling You

Your floor may be the one thing that you depend on, knowing that it’s really sturdy and it won’t let you down. That’s why it may be a little unsettling if you notice that your trusted floor is making a squeaking sound. What should you do then? You listen to what it may be telling you. We know you don’t speak “floor” but we do. And these may be what they’re trying to say:


The Weather is Making Me Uncomfortable

It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice their floors squeaking when the weather gets extreme during summer or winter. When the cold Canadian winter peaks, your floor will be drier and they will shrink a little. A shift in the weather will make that go away. As you can expect, the opposite happens when the temperature really rises during summer. You can help the situation by having a humidifier to add moisture into the air and make sure that your floor gets the 35-55% RH that it requires for it to be happy.


There May Be Something Wrong

If you have already ruled out extreme weather changes and your floor still squeaks, it may mean the problem is coming from something else. The best thing to do is to call for a professional’s help. But to give you an idea, these may be the reasons for the squeaks:


  1. Subfloor – If the squeaks seem to cover a bigger area than just two isolated boards, the problem may be coming from the subfloor.
  2. Board to Board – When two boards rub when they meet, they create a squeaking sound, too. However this kind of squeak is just found in one small area or in those two boards alone. You will also notice movement with this squeak.


Give Me Some Attention

Having hardwood flooring means you should be accustomed to hearing squeaks every now and then. But that does not mean you should ignore them altogether. Make sure you pay attention to your floors and listen to what it’s trying to say. Checking your RH levels is always a good place to start. If the problem goes past one season, try to see what kind of movement comes with the squeaking sound.


There may be some easy solutions, depending on the problem you’re dealing with. It is however advisable that you get a second opinion from an experienced floor expert. You can visit Tony’s Flooring Centre and we’d be more than happy to help you figure it out.