Planning an Overhaul – What to do First

Renovating can be an exciting and overwhelming task for any homeowner -from deciding on the overall look to finding a contractor or even choosing the best rug to compliment the space! Fortunately, we have made a quick rundown of things you need to do before you renovate:

  1. Know what you want to change

The first thing you have to do is to identify which part of your home you want to change. Whether it is your entire home or just your kitchen, identifying the space you want to renovate is crucial in planning your budget and also the overall look of your home.


Should you keep the same flooring? Do you want to paint the walls?  Having an overview of the entire space would help you answer these questions and more.


  1. Set realistic financial expectations

One thing that throws any renovation project off is the cost. Most homeowners underestimate the price it takes to revamp a space. Avoid the stress by setting clear financial expectations.


Talking to a professional and experienced contractor will help you understand all the costs that come into every work order –from the materials to labour.


Oftentimes, renovations reveal underlying problems and damages to your property. Prepare to leave a bit of allowance on your budget for these, as well.


  1. Find the pro

When looking for the right contractor for the job, don’t let the price be the driving force behind your decision because quality work does not often come cheap. Find someone who can build something that lasts.


Aside from doing work around your home, it is your contractor’s job to secure all building permits necessary in renovating so find someone who is knows about the regulations you need to comply with.


It is also very important to get to know your contractors. These are people who will be coming in and out of your home for the next weeks, make sure to hire someone you can completely trust. If you are looking for flooring specialists you can trust, give us a call. Our pros can help you with all your flooring needs – from start to finish.

  1. Pack

Once you have the right people of the job, its time to get packing. With all the work that is being done in your home, certain areas may be inaccessible to you that is why it is important that you group together your most-used items and keep them in an easy-access area.


  1. Have a schedule

With people coming in and out of your home on the daily, you might have to make tweaks in your morning routine. Map out a schedule where you can accomplish your daily tasks (like showering and getting ready for work) before the contractors come in for maximum privacy.

Remembering these tips means you can stress less and get to build your dream home in no time.