Living room with blue upholstered furniture, window blinds and white net curtain

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet

So, you are planning to buy your very first carpet, or perhaps you are considering replacing your old one. Then you ask around for advice from your friends and family regarding which is a better choice: nylon or polyester? Some of them would probably say nylon and some of them might say polyester. Now, you find yourself stuck in a dilemma.


These two fabrics may be quite different from each other when it comes to its performance and feel. However, keep in mind that when shopping for carpet you should not forget to consider some of the factors like price, durability, and texture to name a few.


Durability: When it comes to durability, nylon has the advantage over polyester. Nylon carpets are spun as a bulked continuous-filament (BCF) yarn. Nylon also has a high abrasion resistance compared to polyester. If you are planning to put your carpet in a room where there is constant traffic, like people going in and out, where you always move your furniture from one place to another, tables and chairs are always moved around, etc.


Cost: If budget is a major factor in this particular debate, then this time, polyester is your friend. Generally speaking, you’ll have to pay 35% to 50% less if you choose polyester over nylon fabric.


Texture: If you imagine yourself waking up in the morning, grabbing that cup of coffee and striding your foot over your carpet expecting it to be smooth, then polyester is the right fabric for you. The softness of nylon fabric definitely fails in this category because of its durability and nice texture.


Stain Resistance: Both of these materials are very resistant to stain. However, if you have kids running around and you feel that your carpet is a target for spilled chocolate or any substance that could potentially stain your carpet, then the polyester fabric is best for you if you really hate cleaning your carpet every now and then. This is because nylon fabric is very absorbent and quickly soaks in liquids, thus, it is harder to clean.


These are two of the most popular materials in the market right now so before choosing the right one for you, don’t forget to consider all of the factors above. If you want a cheaper material, go for polyester. If you want a carpet that is long-lasting and very durable, then don’t hesitate to go for nylon fabric. It all boils down to which carpet fabric suits your lifestyle better.