Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Why More and More People Love Them

For some time, luxury was kept hidden from the general public, only made available to a selected few. Because of that, many have been denied the opportunity to enjoy some of the incredible benefits that this type of tile has to offer.

What are these advantages, you ask? Let us tell you:


Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are made with the latest technology to provide that natural feel on the surface. The patterns and textures appear so natural that even a trained eye would not easily differentiate the natural from vinyl. This lets you get your desired flooring without having to spend a fortune or to deal with the disadvantages that come with different flooring materials. With LVT, you can create an impressive floor while only spending a small amount of money.


You would be surprised at how affordable LVT flooring is. For instance, a wooden floor could cost you hundreds of dollars for a very small patch. Not only is a real wooden floor expensive, but it is also challenging to maintain. With LVT, however, you only need to spend a few dollars on its installation. You will not have problems with its maintenance as it requires no special needs. That is why the overall cost of owning LVT flooring makes it a winner to all kinds of clients!


LVT is made of 100% environmentally-friendly products. So, if you are after living ‘green’, then you will certainly love having LVT at home!


LVT also meets all the safety standards that have been set for flooring materials. These standards include flammability and slip resistance. So, if you are living with children or the elderly, then you can ensure their safety when walking around your home.


In terms of maintenance, it is both easy and affordable, great for busy homeowners. You are only required to wipe or mop the surface regardless of the dirt you will deal with. The surface of LVT is also resistant to stains so the need for professional cleaning and having to buy expensive cleaning substances will also be eliminated.


LVT ranks among the most durable and affordable flooring materials available in the market. It can handle intense traffic without having its elegance damaged. It can withstand the heavy demands of a commercial floor without losing integrity.


You have a great selection of sizes and styles to meet your expectations. You can order the style or design that meets your imagination. Your options range from wood to tactile slate and woven textile. LVT represents the widest selection of realism for your tiles.