Great Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is in many ways the centre of the home. It’s the room where meals are made and eaten, that sees the most foot traffic, and that becomes the casual social hub for most homeowners. Making it beautiful can add value to your home and, more importantly, value to the homeowner’s experience. Kitchens always need to maintain a baseline amount of functionality – after all, it’s where the food is made. Still, there are a few design guidelines and ideas that you can build on to turn your kitchen into an aesthetic gem.

Get Creative with Your Space

Not everyone’s home has a large kitchen. Some may have the option to take down a wall and expand but for others that’s simply not in the cards. The key then is to use the space in a way that makes it feel bigger and maintains great usability. Consider adding mirrored glass on cabinet doors to give a more expansive feeling and go taller if you can – push the cabinets all the way to the ceiling to get you that coveted extra storage – or go with a taller skinnier refrigerator. Also consider hanging pots and pans on racks rather than taking up cupboard space and use seating that can be hidden under tables or counters.

Draw on Your Interests

Going with what you love in terms of design can create a kitchen all your own. If you grew up loving sailing then go with a yacht-like kitchen of white cabinets and wooden accent pieces. If you prefer the sleek masculine lines of industrial design go with stainless steel and lacquer black. Or, if the cottage is where you’d love to be all year round go with country styling of tiles, vintage fixtures and distressed wood. Look at your personal tastes and mold your kitchen around them.

Don’t be Afraid to Personalize

Unless you’re renovating your kitchen in hopes of increasing value for resale then personalization is key to a great kitchen. Use a bare wall as a place for family photos arranged in decorative ways. Paint the walls, including areas above the cupboards, with designs that suit you. Go with colours that appeal to the emotion you want to present – yellow and joyous or green and natural can transform a previously boring room into one that makes you smile every time you walk in.

Take the ideas you find and build on them. However you design your kitchen do whatever it takes to make it truly yours.   If you’re looking to add new flooring to the kitchen of your dreams then you should definitely come in to see us at Tony’s Flooring Centre – we’d be happy to help make your vision a reality.