Samples of color of a carpet covering

Cut Pile vs. Textured Carpet

If you are considering buying a carpet and you’ve started looking at some, you may get very confused with the astounding number of options for you. There is a wide variation on types and styles of carpets such as textured carpet and more!

You don’t have to feel frustrated, though! If you’re trying to find the difference between cut pile carpet and textured carpet, this guide can help you.

First, you have to know that when people talk about textured carpet, what is being described is actually a carpet with a cut pile. A cut pile carpet has fibre that has been attached to the backing in a loop first, then cut. This creates a more tufted surface.

Does this mean cut pile carpets and textured carpets are basically the same? Not really. There are different types of cut pile carpet which depends on the treatment of the fibre as well as the length. The fibres of a true textured carpet are uneven in length, creating a fuller and more textured feel. Types of cut pile carpets include Saxony, plush, frieze, and cable or shag.

Is Textured Carpet Right for Your Home?

There’s a reason why textured carpets are considered the most popular carpet type. It is mainly because of the way that they are made. The combination of the cut pile process with the uneven fibres results in a hard-wearing carpet that is less likely to show dirt or dents! Any household with kids or pets would benefit from this type of carpet.

There are also other elements that can affect the durability and stain resistance of a carpet. Those elements include the type of fibre used and how dense it is. Of course, having an integrated stain resistant finish greatly helps, too. You may opt for wool or perhaps nylon or polyester, depending on your budget and the texture you prefer.

Another thing that you have to know is that textured carpets tend to look a little less formal and less luxurious. It’s also not that common for textured carpets to have patterns. But if what you are looking for is a solid colour carpet that will work well in any room, then a textured cut pile carpet is an excellent choice!

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