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Why You Should Consider Engineered Hardwood Floor for Your Toronto Home

Toronto homeowners who are looking to find the right hardwood flooring have two options – solid wood and engineered hardwood. Both deliver the warmth and classic elegance of wood, but there certainly are differences that you definitely want to know about. Here at Tony’s Flooring Centre, we take pride in providing only the best floors for Toronto homes, and we believe engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.

Okay, a lot of people don’t know that engineered hardwood flooring is actually real wood. Yes. When you say you want engineered walnut flooring, you are going to look at your floor surface and know that it is true walnut.

Engineered hardwood flooring can also be refinished like solid wood flooring. Of course, the number of times you can do this depends on a lot on how thick the wood surface is. The thicker the surface, the more times you can have it sanded and refinished.

Toronto homeowners should also consider the fact that unlike solid wood floors, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed below grade. So if you are planning to convert your basement into a more useful space like a bar or a ‘man cave’, and you want the look of the wood floor, engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect option for you. As you probably know, the solid wood floor should not be installed below grade or where moisture could be an issue. But since engineered hardwood flooring can resist moisture, it’s not going to be a problem at all. That also means you don’t have to worry about warping!

Engineered hardwood flooring has many layers of various wood types. That means that instead of having to pay for a solid oak, which can be very expensive, you’d only have to pay for the top layer which is still oak! Yes, it’s a more affordable flooring option for those who want a hardwood floor at a more budget-friendly cost.

Engineered hardwood flooring is also preferable for Toronto homeowners who are concerned about their eco-footprint. Because you don’t use as much wood as you would if you go for solid hardwood, the impact on the environment would also be minimized.

If you are interested in getting engineered hardwood flooring for your home or office, contact your Toronto flooring experts at Tony’s Flooring Centre for a consultation!