Advantages of Wool Carpet

Multiple Advantages of Wool Carpet for Consumers • Superior Performance Wool carpets look better longer and tend to “wear gracefully.” The natural crimp in the wool fibre holds a texture in place over the long term, which keeps the carpet looking new. This product is naturally stain resistant. In today’s busy households, homeowners simply do not have extra time to spend cleaning carpets more often than they have to. This feature is a bonus to people who want to be able to clean spills quickly and not have to deal with having to go back a second time to deal with them again. Since wool is self-extinguishing and a natural fire retardant, it is an excellent choice for safety-conscious buyers. No one ever anticipates having a house fire, but this material could help to lower the amount of damage in the unfortunate event that one ever broke out in the home. • Comfort Wool has a natural soft feel that is inviting to the touch. Its soft, comfortable appearance is very pleasing to the eye and looks good in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and more. It reflects light to give any environment in which it is placed an elegant look. • Value A wool carpet costs slightly more to purchase but since it lasts longer than a synthetic floor covering, it is a better investment over time. It helps to keep a room warmer in winter and cooler during the summer months. It is naturally soil resistant, which means it cost less to keep clean than a floor covering made from synthetic fibres. • Environmentally Friendly Choice Wool is a renewable choice in floor coverings. Unlike some other floor covering options, it is biodegradable. Wool carpet has a number of advantages over synthetic fibre products. Visit our showroom to see our line of quality products today.]]>