Getting a Rustic Look with Modern Flooring Products

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Rustic flooring options are quickly becoming a popular trend within the housing marketplace. Like you, many homeowners wish to enhance their property with rustic flooring products but don’t really know where to begin when it comes to product selection and flooring accessories. In this blog, we’ll provide our expert insights as we delve into the latest contemporary flooring products that can help you achieve rustic charm within your home.
Choose a Natural Finish
While glossy hardwood might provide the ideal choice for those seeking a modern appeal within their home, you might prefer a hardwood floor with a natural finish. While most hardwood flooring options can provide you with a sense of rustic comfort in your home, the most popular rustic option is pine. Pine is a soft wood, which lends an old world charm to even the newest of properties.
Consider Wide Plank Flooring
The type of wood you choose for your rustic home spaces is only one factor to take into consideration. You must also consider the sizing of the wood planks. For example, thinner wood planks tend to present a fitted or designer look to the home. When trying to achieve a rustic environment, you might require larger and wider wood planks. These planks recall the olden days when shops didn’t have automated cutting apparatuses, and will instantly help bring your home into a past era of design.
Review Colour Variations
While you might feel a consistent colour across your home kitchen and living room spaces brings an updated style to the home, rustic properties share one quality – colour variation. Try to find wood flooring options that vary in both style and colour throughout. The wood you choose should also have knots and burls, as well as interesting grains with plenty of character. It’s important to work alongside a wood flooring expert when choosing this type of product as they can help find you a quality product purposely crafted for use in rustic home designs.
Through a careful review of your market options, you can find wood flooring products that bring back that rustic old world charm to your home. To learn more on this process, speak with our trusted team directly!

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