Why Choose Cork Flooring Tiles

1. Extreme Durability While many hardwood flooring materials are quite durable, cork floors are the top of the tops and offer the extreme-sports level of durability. They are especially helpful in areas of high traffic, where crackable ceramic tiles or wearable hardwood are often used. Cork floors will last for decades, and should anything penetrate their superhero-like exterior—they are easily repaired. 2. Living on a Cloud Comfort Cork floors provide an excellent level of cushioning—above even floating floors and thick carpet (which compresses over time). If you haven’t walked on a cork floor before, definitely give it a try before you choose a flooring material—you’ll feel the difference. 3. Warmth Some flooring types, most notably ceramic and some hardwoods, can be cold to the touch, but cork is one of the warmest out there. If slippers throughout winter aren’t your thing then cork may be your new best friend. 4. Bounce Back Some flooring will dent and warp under weight, heat or moisture, but cork is an elastic and compressible material that will ‘bounce back’ to its original shape—which means heavy furniture won’t dent the floor and it won’t warp with moisture or humidity (unless there are unusually high levels of moisture for a home). 5.Peace and Quiet Did you know that cork floors are noise resistant? This is bad news if you like hearing the pitter patter of little feet—but great news if you love a quiet household. Unlike hardwood, ceramic and other solid floors they don’t create as much sound and they absorb more sound, so cork flooring is like semi-sound proofing your home. 6. Allergen, Mold and Insect Resistant If someone in your family has allergies then cork floor may be your best choice as the suberin in the cork is resistant to allergens, irritants, insects AND mold. 7. Insulation Let’s face it—with our cold Canadian winters we can use all the insulation we can get. Since cork is a natural thermal insulator it can help keep heat from escaping rooms—thereby helping to maintain a more comfortable environment. We’ll add one more bonus tip to this list of positive cork flooring reviews—it is BEAUTIFUL. If you’ve ever seen a cork floor installed in a home then you can attest to its enduring beauty, which just one more addition to the 7 great reasons to choose cork flooring listed above. If you’re on-the-fence about cork flooring—give Tony’s Flooring a call and we can show you samples of various flooring types to help you make your decision.]]>