Signs You Need to Replace your Hardwood Floor

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Manual worker disassembling wooden floor ruined from moisture and water leak.

If you are like most homeowners, then you probably value your hardwood floors to a fault. However, no matter how much you want to keep your floor pristine and in its best condition for the longest time possible, in time there will be signs of wear.


Small marks, scratches, and a little faded colouring can usually be fixed by proper refinishing. But your floors can only go through refinishing so many times. Eventually, a replacement will become inevitable.


How do you know your hardwood floors need replacement? Are there any telltale signs?


Water damage is a critical indicator that your floor needs replacement. While this may still depend on the severity of the damage, most of the time, when planks start to peel, buckle, or crack, replacing your floor may be your only option.


Hardwood floors can decay with age. If you have had them for decades now, they could start to become a little soft and bouncy. When signs of decay begin to appear, it is definitely time to look for a replacement. Keeping floors this old is not only impractical but also potentially dangerous.


Like we mentioned above, when your floor had gone through several refinishing processes, the quality of the wood itself would be compromised. Depending on the quality of both your hardwood floor material and the previous refinishing jobs, the limit may vary. We usually set it at five.


Refinishing is not always the most cost-effective solution. In fact, when your sub-floor starts to show damage, refinishing could be less effective. If there are wide gaps between your planks, refinishing is also not advisable as it will not bridge those openings together. If more than 30% of the boards are damaged, a replacement is also more practical.


You should not be disheartened by the thought of replacing your hardwood. In contrast to what others believe, replacing hardwood floors is not that expensive, especially when you consider the benefits too.


Replacing hardwood floors can take less time than refinishing. You can finally have the chance to choose a different design, direction of planks, and even wood species to be used. Naturally, your floor would have an overall neater and cleaner appearance. Newly replaced floor can lend a fresh ambiance to your home while adding to its value as well.


If you are unsure whether it is time for you to replace your beloved hardwood floors, you can always contact your trusted floor specialists from Tony’s Flooring Centre to help you decide what your best options are.



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