Hardwood Flooring Installation Toronto & Etobicoke

Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre in Toronto is proud to offer a number of effective hardwood refinishing options. When you choose to restore and refinish your solid hardwood floors you are deciding to transform your home into a beautifully renewed space. If you currently have hardwood floors that have suffered over years of high traffic and busy lifestyle routines Tony’s Flooring Centre can help. In order to see the true potential in your floors the process of effective hardwood refinishing requires expertise and attention to detail. Our installers take their time sanding down the existing hardwood to a smooth, clean surface. Prepping the floor for a refinishing project is a serious procedure.

We ensure that all precautions are taken to make the job run smoothly. Our team will carefully inspect the floor for nails and staples and cover all outlets and vents before starting the sanding process. When the entire floor has been evenly sanded, stained and varnished the outcome is truly stunning. Finally, effective hardwood refinishing should be sealed with a protective top layer of varnish to protect against water damage.

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