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Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre in Toronto provides a wide range of services to help you have the beautiful flooring to compliment your home or business. With a careful eye for attention and years of experience, we provide superior hardwood flooring installation Toronto residents need. Expect to find the beautiful woods that create a stunning look in any space available to you today.

Choose from several services we offer to add value and beauty to your space.

Hardwood Refinishing

If your current hardwood floors are in good overall structural condition, you may wish to restore them and refinish them. This is often an ideal option for those who have solid hardwoods that can be properly sanded and treated to restore their function. Restoration work like this is one of the services we recommend when the current floor type is what you want, but the colour and damage to them need to be improved.

This is not uncommon for homes and commercial spaces where there is a lot of traffic. The woods can easily become damaged over time by pets, too. However, repair and refinishing of the surface takes a careful eye and a trained professional to ensure it is done properly. You do not want a floor that looks like it has been restored but rather one that looks like it is in pristine condition and like-new. We can do that for you.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Toronto

If you have hardwoods that are too costly or impossible to restore, another option is to have hardwood flooring installed. We can also replace just about any other type of flooring with hardwoods. There is simply no doubt that the addition of hardwood floors to your home can create a striking improvement in the look of any space. This can add beauty to your home, providing a natural look throughout it.

We offer a wide range of options for hardwood flooring installation that Toronto property owners can appreciate. You can choose from various types of flooring materials to have placed in your home, too. Choose from a range of hardwood materials with various species of wood. You can look at the grain patterns and the natural flawless of these pieces to determine which style and type of wood are best for your space. You can also count on exceptional results when you use our products.

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home or Business

At Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre, we work closely with you to ensure you get the very best type of flooring solution for your needs. There are a lot of companies out there and dozens of different flooring manufacturers. Yet, choosing the right product could mean hating the way your space looks or having to replace it too soon.

To avoid this, Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre provides you with a few key benefits when you work with us.

Start to finish service

Count on getting comprehensive service. No matter if you turn to us for hardwood flooring installation in Toronto or you use our refinishing services, we will provide you with exceptional, comprehensive service. That means we work with you to determine the right product for your home. Then, our team of technicians installs it. That means there is no waiting around for subcontractors. We do the work ourselves to ensure it is done to your specifications and exceeds your expectations.


Solid hardwoods add outstanding value to your home. That’s only the case when you have a professional with ample experience installing them for you. With over 25 years of experience in this area, we are confident our team can do that for you. Professionally installed hardwood flooring lasts years and retains its condition for that long. Even better, you can count on us to ensure that if there are any problems that arise along the way, we will have the skills and resources to tackle them, alleviating any of your frustrations.

Highly trained installers

Yet another way we stand out is by ensuring that any of our technicians that come to your home or business to handle the work for you are well-trained and even experts at what they do. They have the necessary skill to ensure that every plank is placed properly and that any damaged areas of your existing floor or subfloor are properly cared for before your new floors go down. That helps to ensure an even floor that looks great and is also structurally sound. You want to know that the people installing your flooring are capable of outstanding workmanship. You can count on that with Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre.

Guaranteed peace of mind

As you take into consideration your options for hardwood flooring installation, Toronto property owners also want to know that what they are getting is the best possible for their investment. The good is you can count on that when you hire our team to do the work for you. We provide full warranties on the workmanship we offer and ensure that all product is installed according to manufacturer requirements. As a result, any product warranty provided by the manufacturer is also in place for you. That can give you peace of mind.

How to Get Hardwood Flooring Installation in Toronto

When you are ready to see the ways we can restore and beautify your space, contact Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre. Our team will go to work with you right away to give you lots of ideas and inspiration to work from, including some of the best hardwood materials available today. We can even offer some design advice and help you choose what works best for your needs.

You could have stunning new floors in no time. All you have to do is reach out to our team to find out how to get started now. At Tony’s Hardwood Flooring Centre, you can trust us to provide superior results every time you turn to our team. Take a moment now to get a quote or learn more about the product options we can offer you. You will love the results you get with our team.

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