The Questions To Ask Any Flooring Contractor

When you plan on making a major upgrade to your home or renovation, you need to get in the habit of working with a lot of professionals. After all, the amount of work you can accomplish at a DIY level drops off pretty quickly with projects of a larger scale. However, there are a lot of different options to choose from, especially when it comes to working with a flooring contractor. The nature of your flooring installation can impact the whole way you use a room, so make sure you’re ready to put together the right questions for them.

In general, just like a job interview, coming up with the best questions requires a little bit of research beforehand. This is why, before talking with a contractor, you want to do a little investigation on their website first. This should have basic information about their insurance, licenses, and other logistical pieces. Ideally, you’ll double-check these during your questioning to make sure that everything is consistent with their marketing.

When it comes to the first set of questions to ask, one good thing to bring up is whether or not the flooring contractor uses any subcontractors of their own. A subcontractor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some people are reticent to use them because it’s not guaranteed that their qualifications will match yours. Another thing worth asking about is whether or not they have experience doing a job similar to what you want to be done (the type of room, size, flooring material, etc).

We should also talk about pricing. A lot of the time, flooring professionals aren’t going to be able to give you a flat fee, as they need to look at the nature of the job in greater detail first. That’s okay. The price questions you should be asking at first are how they go about putting together those estimates, and what exact fees may be involved outside of paying for labor. In general, your goal here is not to be caught by surprise with any extra expenses.

Remember, transparency is key when it comes to what contractors you choose to work with, so don’t be afraid to ask and re-ask until you’re fully comfortable with the job and your contractor. Reach out to Tony’s Flooring for all your flooring needs. We’ve been serving the community for over 45 years, and offer installation, refinishing, and other services.