As a warm and inviting flooring alternative many people are turning to unique cork flooring as an interior design option. Unique cork flooring comes from the bark of Cork Oak trees which are native to Mediterranean regions. This bark naturally splits every 9 to 15 years making unique cork flooring a sustainable choice. Cork flooring can be a lovely choice for any room in your home. This versatile product can be finished with colour or left natural. Unique cork flooring is warm to walk on and naturally resists mold and mildew. Using cork flooring throughout your home will give you a peaceful finish as this product has sound absorbing qualities. This flooring is easily maintained and only requires a broom or a vacuum to keep it clean. Cork flooring is available in natural, warm colours with subtle cork characteristics throughout. Their natural tones add  beauty and warmth to any room. Because of the natural properties of cork this type of flooring is both highly durable and resilient.  Unique cork flooring will add beauty and warmth to your home while withstanding the test of time and resisting dents and scratches better than alternatives.
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