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Wood Floor Installation Advice

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Steps Involved in How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor Sand off the old finish. You need to use a walk-behind floor sander and a hand-held power edge sander for getting into the tight spaces against walls, in corners and near doorways. Each of these units comes with its own vacuum and a dust bag system […]

How to Keep Used Hardwood Flooring and Tiles Out of the Landfill

Up-Cycling Projects: Don’t Throw Out Leftover Hardwood Flooring and Tiles Wooden Plank Doormat You’ll need: Handsaw 2×2 planks of wood 6 feet of 1/4 inch sisal or twine 3/8 inch drill bit Cut planks so that they are 22″ in length. The size of the mat should be about 80 percent of the width of […]

Natural Flooring Around the World – How to Use Cultural Tiling to Enhance your Home

Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Tiles These are classic floor tiles which are fashioned from clay and baked at extremely hot temperatures to produce a product with a smooth and extremely hard surface. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in glazed and unglazed finishes. An unglazed finish would be a good option for a space where […]

Hardwood Flooring—How to Pick the Right Type of Flooring for YOUR Home

Wood Strips Of all the types of wood flooring, this is the most popular. It is made up of long, narrow boards measuring between 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches wide. The length of this product can range between 2 and 16 feet, making it a highly versatile product that is appropriate for both formal and […]

Laminate Flooring—Installation Tips from the Pros!

Laminate Flooring—Installation Tips from the Pros! Here’s our top installation tips to ensure that your floor looks beautiful: 1. Think Pattern Laminate flooring might have a wood look…but it isn’t wood. Each piece isn’t unique like wood grain is, which means you need to lay them out to look at each piece before you lay […]

Hardwood Floors—Are They Worth the Investment?

Laminate Flooring: A Buying Guide

Hardwood Flooring—Why It Is Worth the Investment

is a great investment for people looking to add value to their home, and aesthetics to their life. As flooring experts, we’re head over heels for hardwood floors. Some of the stunning floors we’ve installed have nearly brought tears to our eyes (you know—if we weren’t super-macho guys). Also, the life we’ve breathed back into […]

Kitchen Tiles: What to Look for