When is the Best Time to Get New Floors?

Regardless of what product a customer is buying, there is always going to be a good time and a bad time to purchase it. When the item that the customer is purchasing is seasonal, the best time of year to purchase it is fairly obvious. However, it becomes far less obvious when the product is something that is not seasonal at all, such as new flooring. But even new flooring has a good season and a bad season for purchasing and installing, which is something that this article is going to explore so that consumers will have the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for themselves and their home.

Getting the Best Price

One of the biggest factors for consumers when deciding whether or not they want to buy new flooring is the price of the new material. Therefore, determining when the best time to get new flooring is, will be directly influenced by what time of the year the best prices can be found. As a general rule of thumb, consumers are likely going to get the best prices during times when other consumers are not going to be shopping for new flooring. There are two points during the year when this is most likely to happen.


The first of these occurrences is during the second half of May. While this time might not always prove to provide great pricing on flooring, it often leads to consumers getting fairly good prices due to the fact that this is when the new product arrives in stores. Once this happens, stores will become pressured to get rid of their old product, even if that means selling it at a really low price. This is the perfect opportunity for someone to come in and purchase a bunch of new flooring for a really good discount.


The other time of year that is great for getting the best prices is during the second half of December and the first half of January. This time of year works great because it is when other people are too busy dealing with other things to even think about purchasing new flooring for their home. With all the focus being on Christmas, New Year’s, and other holidays, most consumers are too focused on their vacations and celebrations to have time to give a single thought to renovating their home’s flooring. This will allow someone to go into a flooring store and have the opportunity to walk out with quality flooring materials for a great price. With far less customers during this time of the year, salesmen will be much more motivated to make a sale and have a lot more time to negotiate, resulting in the consumer saving a ton of money.

Best Time to Install New Flooring

After a consumer purchases the material for their new flooring, they then need to go through the second part of the process which is getting it installed. Unfortunately, in many areas of the country, the best time of the year for installation directly conflicts with the best time of the year for getting good prices. However, there is nothing preventing consumers from purchasing the materials and then waiting several months to get them installed.


The major consideration when installing new flooring is whether or not a homeowner is going to be able to comfortably keep their windows and doors open for the first couple of days after getting the new material installed. While tile is usually versatile enough to be able to withstand climate changes without much difference, hardwoods and laminates are a different story. They need sufficient time to acclimate to a new environment when getting installed. The amount of time needed is generally two days, during which they need to be exposed to the natural air, preferably at a temperature of 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


The other main reason why flooring installation should be done during a nice time of year is because new flooring material tends to give off chemicals that can be harmful for humans to inhale In large quantities. In order to combat that, consumers are generally instructed to keep their windows and doors open for the first 48 to 72 hours after installation has occurred. This way, the fresh air can flow through the home and regularly filter out the unpleasant chemicals given off by the boring material. So if the homeowner is getting their flooring material installed during the dead of winter, then they are likely going to be frozen solid for three full days as their flooring material finishes acclimating to the new home.

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