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Cork Flooring: Everything you NEED to Know

Cork Flooring: Everything you NEED to Know OK—where do we begin? let’s begin by going point-by-point to help you discover the basics of everything you need to know before purchasing and installing cork flooring… 1. Thumbs Up for Eco-Friendliness Cork is an entirely renewable resource as cork can be harvested from the tree without cutting […]

Your Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring

and Czars of flooring. But before you purchase or install your laminate flooring, make sure that you know everything that you need to know about laminate flooring…which we’ve handily included below. Everything you Need to Know About Laminate Flooring We’re about to give you a crash course in laminate flooring, so buckle up. In this […]

Flooring Types: Which Adds the Most Value to your Home

Your Best Mimico Flooring Options

. Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile is a popular flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways as it is extremely easy-to-clean. It also stands up well to pets, who’s claws easily scratch hardwood flooring. Ceramic tiles come in a large variety of designs and colours, making them an easy design choice for homeowners looking to match […]

How to Install Laminate Flooring

3 Modern Tile Flooring Ideas

1. Create a Pretty Patchwork of Tiles Ceramic tile flooring offers a myriad of options—opening up options for homeowners that were never available before. You can now get a ‘designer’ floor by creating a patchwork of similar-but-different ceramic tiles that all have a similar colour theme or pattern. You can even buy mismatched tiles to […]

Your Top 4 Flooring Choices for homes in Ontario

6 Flooring Tips from the Pros

6 Hardwood Flooring Tips from the Pros Flooring isn’t simply cutting and laying out some floor boards. It is a painstaking labour of love that will provide you and your family stable footing for decades to come. To help ensure you don’t make any all-too-common mistakes, we bring you our best 6 flooring tips: 1. […]

Wood Flooring Types: Which one is Right for you?

Flood resistant flooring