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Best Flooring for a Rental Property

How to Choose the Best Flooring for a Rental Property Value of the Property First, consider the market value of the property you have purchased. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to put a high-end floor in a home where the rest of the property doesn’t have that level of materials. Your goal should […]

Why Vinyl Flooring is Back in Style

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring for your Home This style of flooring is highly durable and will stand up very well to daily wear. Several manufacturers offer warranties for their products for at least 15 years and it’s not uncommon for a vinyl floor to last for 20 years if it is well maintained. Vinyl flooring […]

Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Looking their Best

Preserve Your Hardwood Floors After Installation   Wipe up any spilled liquid immediately using a soft cloth that won’t scratch the finish. Place mats in front of your entranceways to avoid tracking dirt and sand into your home. Rubber-backed mats are not the best choice to place on top of hardwood, since they tend to […]

Ceramic Flooring: a Versatile and Highly Durable Option

Advantages of Ceramic Flooring Flexibility Tiles can be used for a variety of surfaces in the home, including living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They can be applied to a fireplace hearth or to create a welcoming foyer. Durability Ceramic tiles last longer than most other flooring and wall covering materials. Easy to Maintain You […]

Consider Durable Rubber Tiles for Commercial Flooring

Advantages of Rubber Flooring for Commercial Use Rubber floor tiles are available in a variety of patterns, from speckled tiles to imitation marble. This style of flooring is offered in a varied colour palette, to provide a wide level of design flexibility. Rubber tiles may be installed without glue. In some instances, only carpet tape […]

Dress Up a Hall with an Area Rug

Buy a Runner for Your Hallway to Make it Look its Best Placing an area rug on your hallway is not only decorative, but it will help to protect the floor underneath. It will protect bare feet feeling cold when walking across the floor, and provides some texture in the space. They protect wood floors […]

What are Some Cost-effective Green Flooring Options?

Green Flooring Options Cork Flooring Cork has the advantage of being a naturally renewable material. It is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back after being harvested. As a flooring choice, it provides insulation against heat and cold. This naturally beautiful flooring choice repels mold, as well as bugs and […]

Advantages of Marmoleum Flooring

Advantages of Choosing Marmoleum Flooring for Your Home or Office This product is available in flooring sheets and tiles. Made from a combination of linseed oil, limestone, cork flour, wood flour, pine, and rosins, the result is a non-toxic and highly-durable product. Marmoleum flooring is versatile and has a variety of advantages. Easy to Clean […]

Carpet Options for a Bedroom

What are Some Options for Basement Flooring

Ideal Basement Flooring Material Wish List If you were going to make a wish list of materials for basement flooring, it would include the following characteristics: Mold-resistant: The last thing you want is to have mold from a damp basement penetrating into your floor, which can lead to health issues for you and your family. […]