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The Underrated Area Rug

We see it in modern home photography spreads all the time. Gorgeous wood flooring shining from wall to wall or tile filling all of the space in the room. When people think of flooring they think of that professionally installed bamboo or carpet – the kind of clean lines you’d expect when you’re imagining a […]

Protecting Your Floors from Your Furniture

We often worry most about foreign contaminants coming in and wrecking our floors. Dirt, grime, and water on rainy days can all be a detriment but there are enemies of beautiful floors existing right in your own home. Yes that furniture you picked out, which goes so nicely with your carpet or wood floors, could […]

The Classic Elegance of Ceramic

The admittedly large definition of what a ceramic is (in very short terms – a molded or shaped non-metallic object) doesn’t define what it has meant for humanity.  Early clay ceramics date back to before even the oldest civilizations had yet been conceived.  It’s been a part of our lives for at least 27,000 years, […]

How to Keep Wood Flooring Clean

So you’ve finally got those hardwood floors in, or maybe you already have them, and you’re worried that they’ll start to show their age.  Hardwood is actually quite hardy but to keep it in tip-top shape you will need to know how to clean it properly to maintain its health and shine.  Here are some […]

Places where Carpet Is Still the Best Option

For much of the twentieth century carpet was pretty much the standard in flooring for most homes.  Within the last few decades however different flooring has seen a major resurgence, especially hardwood and laminate, and now most homeowners seem to prefer them or other harder surface looks like ceramic or vinyl for the more heavily […]

Why Bamboo?

There’s a new kind of flooring that’s steadily gaining in popularity and it’s for a good reason.  Bamboo is technically a kind of grass, though its tall wood-like stalks can grow as tall as fifteen feet or four and a half meters.  Bamboo’s unique properties make it an outstanding choice for flooring that has many […]

Laminate vs. Hardwood – Making the Call

When you want a wooden look to your floors you have two main choices available – laminate and hardwood.  Laminate flooring is a composite wood material made with pressboard and resin, and hardwood as the name implies is made of actual hardwood planks.  Both can produce a natural and warm look to the floor of […]

What are the Advantages of Leather Flooring?

Leather flooring is a recent innovation within the marketplace, and is now being integrated in stylish homes across Canada. It’s a home addition that most have little experience with and so before adding leather flooring products to your shopping list this late summer season, it’s time to consider the benefits leather materials might bring to […]

How to Save Time During Flooring Installation Work

The home flooring installation process can be particularly draining for those that don’t have an understanding on what the process involves. If you don’t plan for the installation work carefully, you may find that it takes far longer than you anticipated, inconveniencing those who live within the property. Fortunately, there are many techniques to save […]

3 Tips for Analyzing Flooring in a Potential New Home

When buying a new home, you’ll often go through the home inspection process to determine whether the property meets your standards in terms of the home living experience. The flooring within the property is an essential element in the review process. Homebuyers must carefully review the property’s flooring to ensure it’s in the optimal condition […]