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Carpets Throughout the Centuries

Today, when you ask someone what a carpet is, you would be told that it is a decorative thick textile that is used as floor covering – and you are right. If you asked the same question in the 19th century, however, you’d be given a slightly different answer.   See, the word carpet then […]

Hand-Scraped Wood – Is It for You?

Hand-scraped flooring is not a new fad although it’s now regaining its popularity among those who want to give their homes and businesses a unique appeal.   What Exactly are Hand-Scraped Floors? This hardwood flooring style can be dated as far back as the 1600s. Back then wood floors were scraped by hand because it […]

How To: Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles are not just your flooring or wall décor. They make up a big part of your kitchen and bathroom, and making sure that the grout is really clean is crucial if you want to keep your tiles looking impressive. Marks are not that obvious on black grout but if what you have is white […]

How To: Tile & Grout Cleaning

You can either use a broom or a mop to wipe the floor tiles or a dry cloth if you are cleaning wall tiles. Do this before you start with the grout cleaning process to get rid of accumulated dust.   Apply cleaning solution to the grout and make sure all the crevices are covered. […]

Creative Flooring Ideas

When it comes to floors, a homeowner could be at either end of the design pole – He or she might look at floors as just a surface to walk on. On the other hand, a homeowner could see a floor as an exciting opportunity to express creativity. If you are the latter, then you […]