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How To Choose The Right Type of Carpet for Your Home

  Carpeting can make any space in your home more luxurious without doing much. Nothing compares to the warm and fuzzy feeling under your feet knowing you have chosen the right flooring for your home. What exactly goes into choosing the right type of carpet? We made a roundup of all the important points you […]

How to Soundproof your Home

Your home should be a place where you can hide from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world. This is where we get our much deserved rest and relaxation but how can you relax with all the noise coming in? We know just how you feel. There are plenty of ways you can […]

Clever Floor Cleaning Hacks You Would Want to Share

  With our busy schedule, we simply do not have the time or the patience to scrub our floors clean. Fret no more because these cleaning hacks will help you get squeaky-clean floors without the backbreaking work! Read our blog below to know more.   Laminate Flooring Your laminate flooring is built to last. They […]

4 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Has Had It

Hardwood floors give off a sense of allure and charm you cant get from other types of flooring. They are the most common flooring of choice for most homeowners and can easily last decades if proper maintenance is given regularly. As much as we want hardwood floors to last, they have a definitive lifespan and […]

Benefits of Switching to Heated Flooring

Being the resilient Canadians that we are, we are always on the lookout for clever ways to combat the cold weather. We invest in good quality home heating and spend a majority of our utility bills on it. If you are still on the lookout for ways to fight the frigid weather, you might want […]