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Designing with Kids in Mind

Maybe your little one’s getting bigger or maybe you have one on the way. Whichever it is you’ve made a decision – it’s time to do a little remodelling with kids in mind. This is a great idea since a kid-friendly environment can make for a happier, more inquisitive, and more creative child. Of course […]

The Benefits of Refinishing

Your hardwood floors have recently started looking a little worse for the wear. The scuff marks are multiplying, the sheen is off, and it just plain looks old. Ripping it out is and replacing can be an expensive proposition and for many hardwood floors it’s completely unnecessary. One of the big benefits of installing traditional […]

Autumn Dangers to Your Floor

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets cooler it can only mean that fall has come back to Canada. Autumn is a great time to get out, watch the leaves change, and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte – especially in the run up to the bustle that comes with the holiday season. With […]

Renovating for Seniors

As our loved ones get on in years their needs can evolve. It’s important to make sure they have as much freedom and independence as their health will allow and that can mean making some changes to their environment to make it easier on them. These can be relatively simple additions or they may require […]

What is a Subfloor and Do You Need It?

Installing flooring can come with a lot of complexity many people aren’t ready for. It seems simple from the outside – simply ripping out your old flooring and put new flooring in. For something like carpet it really is that simple but for other flooring types there are things that need to be put in […]