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5 Colourful Flooring Styles To Try This Spring

Red – Don’t be afraid to introduce this vivid colour to your décor. For example, choose a brick red marmoleum to really make your kitchen floor pop and a deep wine red carpet in the bedroom. Just make sure you use some neutral colours on the walls so the effect isn’t overwhelming. 2. Orange – […]

Hygienic Flooring Options for Sensitive Households

Tile Tile floors are an excellent option for those with allergies. They are easy to clean with hypoallergenic solutions and hold up well to frequent moppings. Tile might not be the first material you think of for a bedroom. You may remember your bare feet hitting cold tile floors at some point in the past […]

3 Signs It's Time to Refinish Your Floors

3 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Floors 1. Check for Gaps – When hardwood floors are first installed, the boards are tightly fit together. Over time, as the temperatures grow hot and cold, flooring boards expand and contract and minor gaps can occur. Even walking across floors can cause gaps over a period of […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Floors

Hardwood floors are durable and beautiful, but over time they can gain scratches and lose their sheen. There are 3 signs it’s time to refinish your floors that you can look for. Here is how to know if it’s time to refinish your hardwood floors.   3 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Floors 1. […]

Smart Flooring Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

Hardwood Options Hardwood is durable and adds warmth to a room that will last for many years. Another advantage of hardwood is that if the kids completely destroy it, you can have it refinished when they’re older. However, hardwood can be difficult for children to crawl around on or run on in bare feet. An […]

Smart Flooring Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

If there is one area of your home that gets a lot of wear and tear, it is the kids’ bedrooms. Finding smart flooring ideas for kids’ bedrooms can be a challenge. You want something durable, yet it needs to be comfortable enough for children to crawl on, play on and even take a quick […]

Tips for Mixing Different Flooring Styles Throughout the Home

Tips for Mixing Different Flooring Styles Choose colours in the same palette. When you pick out paint for your walls, you’ve probably noticed that the sample colour strips have several colours in the same family that go well together. Choosing flooring that blends well follows the same idea. If your carpet is in the light […]