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Kitchen Tiles: What to Look for

Area Rugs: A Quick Design Fix for Flooring

Tile Patterns: The Good, The Bad—The Ugly

the ugly. To help you determine the good from the bad from the ugly…here are some of our favourite patterns: The Good The best tile patterns we’ve seen are those that follow an effective pattern that matches the tiles’ natural grain, colours, style and size. Running bond patterns, which use an offset pattern, starting at …

Basement Flooring Ideas

Basement Flooring Ideas and Tips When selecting a flooring type for your basement you need to keep the following factors in mind: price, resistance to water, temperature (this is Canada after all!), usability, upkeep and installation. To help make evaluating easier let’s go over the most common basement flooring ideas and options… Vinyl Vinyl flooring …

In-Floor Heating—the Ultimate Canadian Flooring Option!