What to Look for When Choosing Carpet for Your Home

Choosing carpet is not something you should expect to make a decision about quickly. It’s something that will be in your home for a number of years, and you want to make sure you make the right choice about your investment. The best way to approach this type of major purchase is to think about the function first, as opposed to getting distracted by the myriad of colours available at the start of the process. (You will have plenty of time to choose a colour to suit your decor later on.)

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Carpet for Your Home

What is the purpose of the room where the carpet will be placed?

Is it a high traffic or low-traffic area?

Does it receive a lot of sunlight, and does the amount of sunlight vary throughout the day?

Is the room next to an outdoor space?

How often does the room get vacuumed?

The answers to these questions will help you (and the dealer) determine the best type of carpet fibre for the room. Homeowners are looking for carpet that is comfortable and suppresses noise. The fibre content will be listed on the sample when you visit the retailer’s showroom.

Types of Fibre Used in Carpet

  • Wool – soft, natural, good stain resistance properties
  • Nylon – costs less than wool, good stain resistance, suitable for almost any room in the house
  • Polypropylene – will not fade, good indoor/outdoor carpet, used in low-pile carpets (berbers)
  • Polyester – soft texture, soil resistant, good choice for bedrooms/playrooms
  • Triexta – durable, stain/soil resistant, easy to clean, fade resistant

Recycled/Green Materials

If sustainability is important to you in your choice of floor covering, do ask about the materials used to make the carpet when making your selection. Some manufacturers use recycled soft drink bottles to make an environmentally-friendly product line.

Choose the Right Texture for the Room

Here’s a rule to keep in mind when you are choosing carpet for your home: You no longer have to make a choice between softness and durability. If you are looking for a carpet for a room that sees a lot of traffic, look for one with more texture as opposed to a plain floor covering. The more texture a carpet has, the more forgiving it will be for footprints over time and for overall wear.