Top Tile Trends to Try

Bright yellow bathroom interior with white cabinets, tile, big mirror and glass shower

Every season we see new trends for home interiors that give us inspiration for what you can get for your new home or what you can try for your renovation project. Flooring is no exception. If you think that your floor is the one thing that you don’t need to think about much when it comes to design and style, you can’t be more wrong.

We now live in an exciting era where you different flooring materials are available to you in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs. Even the way they are installed now vary, too. Of course, as your trusted flooring store in Toronto, Tony’s Flooring Centre wants you to be in the know when it comes to all things floor. That’s why we’ve rounded up for you some of the biggest trends for flooring this season.

‘Kit –Kat Bars’

These days, everyone in the world of floor tiles, ‘kit-kats’ are stealing the scene. You’d rarely see metro and traditional brick-sized tiles. Designers and homeowners alike prefer this slightly longer and thinner version of the popular tile format. So if you’re on the lookout for a more sophisticated take on a traditional flooring style, try these 228 x 75mm ‘kit-kat’ style tiles!

Exciting Hexagons

If you’re thinking of going bold with your flooring, going for shapes that are not that common is a good way to go. You should consider hexagons, which are hot this season and are suitable for most interior styles. So whether you’re going for classic Victorian, contemporary, or industrial, hexagon floor tiles can help complete the overall look of your home!

Playful Patterns

Patterns are still big these days, especially in interiors. While most people go with an accent wall, why not make your floor the main focal point of a room? This would work perfectly in a bedroom, a kitchen, or a bathroom. Just make sure every other element in the room is balanced and unified so the result would not be overpowering or confusing.

These three trends in flooring are perfect if you want to give any room in your house a fresh look. If you’re ready to revamp your home’s flooring, you know where to go – Tony’s Flooring Centre! Our highly-trained staff can help you choose the best styles for your home, and our seasoned flooring experts can make sure every tile is properly installed. Visit us today!