Closeup of light wooden floor in bright room interior. 3D Rendering

Things That Can Damage Your Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood floors translates to having a stylish interior. This also means that your hardwood floors require special care in comparison to other flooring choices. However, there are some things that you are doing on a daily basis that you do not know are gradually ruining your floors. Here are of some of them:


Skipping the Welcome Mat

Imagine that you have sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes – that is exactly what it is like walking in from the street and inside your home, onto your hardwood floors. In commercial spaces, welcome mats are called walk-off rugs, because you are expected to “walk-off” all the dirt, grit, grime and stones on the bottom of your shoes, hoping that your feet are cleaner by the time you hit their floors.


Not Using Furniture Pads

When you sit down on a couch that is not on a rug, you can expect it to slide a little bit and over time, that can make for some obvious aggressive wear just right where the foot of the couch is. Two-inch rubber disks are used to help keep the couch from sliding around, and not just for easier moving of furniture.


Keeping Your Rugs in Place

Throw rugs can go from pretty to pesky in just a few seconds, or even the moment they start sliding around underfoot. This is why it is not recommended to tack them down using double-sided tape as they can actually stick to hardwood flooring and it is almost impossible to get it off. Even when you do pull it off, the tape can still pull some of the finish with it. The same goes for sticky, mesh-style rug pads, too. What you should opt for, instead, is a rug pad made of natural materials. Make sure it does not have a sticky finish.


Bringing the Outdoors In

When you have hardwood floors at home, make sure to tell everyone in your household to ‘not bring the outdoors in’. In some houses, where there are swimming pools, the tendency for people is to come inside the house from the pool. Some children might even run inside and stand right in front of the floor. As they dry off, you would notice that there would be puddles on the floor. For some, there are spots where you take off your rain boots, around dog bowls, or underneath plant pots that you have not lifted off the floor for some time. These are the spots susceptible to water damage. For these areas, it is best to have a rug or a plastic tray.


Mopping the Wrong Way

Some homeowners tend to mop with too much water. The more water that seeps down into the seams of the floor, the more water buildup you can expect. This can definitely impact your hardwood floors negatively.


Using the Wrong Floor Cleaner

There are many different kinds of finishes and each one can have a different type of cleaner that is required. You have to be cautious with the cleaners that you use as some have heavy chemicals in them.


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