Your Quick Guide to Hardwood Flooring Types

Planks of parquet on white background -Clipping Path

So, you have been considering getting a hardwood flooring for you house -a wise choice! Why, you may ask? Hardwood floors are sealed surfaces with a protective layer of finish. In addition to that, hardwood floors are also stain resistant compared to other types of flooring! That is good news for homeowners who just do not find cleaning that appealing. Another great reason to get hardwood floors is that they can be repaired and be refinished. Unlike other types of flooring that once they are damaged, it has to be replaced. Not only that, hardwood floor is a great investment for your home!

Let us help you decide which hardwood flooring is best for you because there are a few to choose from.


Hand-scraped Flooring

Hand-scraped flooring has become one of the most popular hardwood floorings in the market today. It mimics the look of reclaimed wood, giving your house an authentic classic feeling of elegance.


Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring and laminated flooring are often confused with each other. The difference is that laminated flooring contains no actual wood. While engineered flooring is produced by adhering layers of plastic laminate veneer that contains real wood.


Strip Flooring

As the name implies, strip flooring comes in strips. Strip flooring already has a set width but usually, the thickness varies. Strip flooring ranges in thickness from 5/16 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch wide. Its width ranges from 1 1/2″ through 2 1/2″.


Plank Flooring

Like the strip flooring, Plank flooring comes in strip as well. However, they are wider compared to strip flooring. Usually, they range from 3″ through 8″. Plank floorings give a very primitive or homely look to your humble abode. This really appeals to anyone who just wants to make their house more Arcadian style.


Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is somewhat more of a different but interesting look compared to other typical hardwood flooring. The main difference is that they are made up of geometrical patterns composed of individual wood slats and are held in place by adhesive or sometimes, they are mechanically fastened.



Based on the choices above, which type of hardwood floor are you aiming to for? If you want more of a geometric look on your floors, go for parquet flooring. If you are going for the rustic look, Plank flooring is the one for you. Whichever type of hardwood floor you’re going for, keep in mind that you have already aimed for a great investment.


Give us a call today so we can give you a more in-depth explanation and comparison of the different types of hardwood flooring. We are all looking forward to hearing from you soon!