How Do You Know Your Hardwood Floor Needs a Refinish?

Having high-quality hardwood floor increases your home’s value. But it’s important that your wood floors remain in good condition. Wood floors can be tricky, though. You might think that your floor needs to be refinished because of some scratches, discolorations, and dings – but those do not exactly mean a refinishing is in order. A smooth and uniform surface is not a precise indication that the floor doesn’t need a touch-up.

If your floor needs refinishing, you should take care of it immediately to avoid damaging the wood permanently. Here’s how to tell if your floor needs to be refinished:

  • Find a section of your floor that receives the most foot traffic regularly. This is the area that would most likely need some refinishing.
  • Pour a small amount of water onto that section and see what happens. If droplets of water rest on the surface of the wood, it means the finish is still in good condition. But if water is absorbed by the wood slowly, the finish is already wearing thin, though you can postpone the job for some time still. However, if the water is absorbed quickly and a dark splotch is left, you should not wait and refinish the floor at once.
  • Wipe up the remaining water using a paper towel. Do this test in all the other areas that get high traffic to see if you need to refinish the whole floor surface or not.
  • Locate two floorboards that do not meet perfectly. See if they have a deep groove between them. Get an old business card and insert it into the groove. Mark the card where the top of the floor hits it.
  • Measure the depth of the crack based on the marking you made on the business card. If it’s less than ¾ inch from the edge, make sure that you don’t attempt to do the refinishing and hire a seasoned professional to do the job.
  • It is also important that a pro handles the job if your floor shows any signs of damage like bent floorboards, squeaky areas, extensive stains, warped floorboards, and more.

Refinishing is no simple task and it is not to be handled by someone without experience and proper training. Sanding improperly can damage your flooring permanently and dealing with that is going to cost you more than hiring a pro to do the job. If you think your floor is in need of refinishing, contact Tony’s Flooring Centre. Our team can do the job efficiently for you!