How to Keep Your Cork or Bamboo Floor Looking Beautiful

Newly remodeled kitchen interior with cork floors maple cabinets and pendant lights

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your bamboo or cork flooring will keep it looking as amazing as when you first had it installed. It will also help make it last for a really long time.

Bamboo floors should be treated the way you would treat a hardwood floor. That applies to cleaning and maintenance, too. So if you have had a hardwood floor before and you think you have done a great job in keeping it looking nice, you’re ready for a bamboo floor.

Similar to all other floor covering type, giving your cork floor a little TLC will definitely help a lot. And as you have probably guessed, keeping the surface clean is the first step to keeping it great-looking. You might not notice it at first but dirt, sand from your shoes, and dust are not that different from sandpaper that can scratch and mar your floor.

In this post, Tony’s Flooring Centre will help you by discussing some of the unique maintenance and cleaning needs of bamboo and cork flooring.

Helpful Tools & Methods

So, what do you need for your bamboo or cork flooring? The list of tools is actually quite short. You just need a soft broom or a vacuum, a floor cleaning product (make sure it’s safe for cork), a mop, a bucket, and a soft cloth for simple spot-cleaning.

As always, you need to start your floor cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt from the surface. Sweeping the floor with a soft-bristled broom is the easiest way to do it. If you are sensitive to allergens, using a vacuum cleaner with a suction-only mode may be a better option.

Once all the loose dirt is gone, wet your mop and thoroughly wring it. Gently go over the entire flooring with it. You can use a mild wood flooring cleaning solution for better leaning. You can check with one of our experts if you’re not sure about the product that you have.

If there is any sticky or tough stain, try to remove as much as you can with just a dry soft cloth. If you can’t get it all, you can dip that cloth in hot water carefully and use that to remove whatever’s left. Make sure that you dry the spot immediately after.

For liquid spills, getting those removed as quickly as possible is your best course of action. Allowing the liquid to sit on the floor may result to it seeping into the cork and staining it.

Placing mats near your doors is an excellent move. Mats are great for removing dirt from your shoes when you’re coming from the outside. It’s also good at catching drips and splashes if you place it by the sink in your kitchen. Just make sure that you choose mats made of absorbent and preferably natural fabric. In case your mat gets wet, immediately remove it from your floor. When you’re cleaning, don’t forget to clean the area under the mats as well.

If your flooring needs refinishing, we highly suggest that you let flooring experts do that for you. Tony’s Flooring Centre, which is one of Toronto’s best flooring stores, can help you with that. We can also assist you in choosing the right flooring for your residential or commercial space!