How to Soundproof your Home

girl covering ears using handsYour home should be a place where you can hide from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world. This is where we get our much deserved rest and relaxation but how can you relax with all the noise coming in? We know just how you feel.

There are plenty of ways you can soundproof your home without breaking the bank. Read on and find out how you can turn your home into your very own retreat.

1. Fill in the gaps

Gaps allow for noise to penetrate your home. Make sure to give your home a good hard look and find spots in between windows, doors and other crevices. Make sure to fill them to lessen the amount of outside noise from coming in.

2. Weather-strip your door

The tiny spaces around your door allow all the outside noise inside your home. Grab a hold of a weather strip from your local hardware store and install them according to label instructions on the interior side of the door. This should minimize the noise coming in.

3. Add mass to your walls

Soft materials absorb sound so it is a great idea to add mass to your walls if you want to lessen the amount of noise from coming in. Adding mass to your walls diminishes airborne sound waves from circulating by absorbing the vibration.

This might require you to call a contractor who can do the job meticulously well in order to avoid mishaps that can lead to costly repairs.

4. Add more furniture

Adding more furniture pieces around your home weakens sound waves, making them virtually imperceptible. By adding furniture pieces around a specific area in your home, you are able to dampen the sound waves while making the space a lot warmer! – A winning deal if you ask us.

5. Choose carpet over bare floor

Adding lush carpeting to your home improves the acoustics stops sound waves from traveling throughout a particular space or room. Carpets and rugs absorb sound and prevent the sound waves from sending vibrations throughout the room. They also convert sound waves into heat – making any space in your home a lot warmer.

These are only a few tips to help you soundproof your home. There are a million and one ways you can improve your home’s acoustics, depending on your preference and budget.


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