Interior of empty room with big window and curtain. Vector realistic interior.

Flooring Tricks to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Isn’t it amazing that every house seems to have that one room that is just a bit too small? You probably know all the other tricks to make the room appear bigger – choose the appropriate size furniture and arrange them cleverly, install mirrors, and paint the walls lighter – but it still looks a bit cramped.


Don’t feel frustrated just yet! There’s still one more option, and it may just be the most important one! We are talking about installing the right flooring. Here are some flooring tricks to help you:


Choose Dark Flooring

While many people think that light colours could lend a sense of bigger space, dark flooring can actually help make a room expand right before you. Go for cherry, walnut, or oak and match that with cool colour for your wall, trim, ceiling, and moulding.


Go for Bigger Tiles

It’s easier to go for small strips for your small room but you shouldn’t. Instead, go for the widest planks you can get. If you’re going to have vinyl floors, choose a larger size than the standard 12-inch ones. Also use minimal grout when you install your tile floors.


Install the Flooring Diagonally

It does not matter what flooring material you choose. You should install the flooring diagonally to achieve the look of a bigger room. Because the widest part of the tile is facing you when you enter the room, it also tricks your eyes into believing that the space is actually bigger than it is. This applies for natural stone, hardwood, tiles, and laminate flooring.


Have a Consistent Flooring Design throughout the Home

You can easily create that much-needed illusion of a more expansive space by just using a consistent design all throughout your home. You can achieve a more seamless look of you join adjacent spaces with the same type and design of flooring. We know that you probably have planned different looks or themes for each room, but the thing is, when you use different flooring materials, that breaks up your floor space into smaller chunks of spaces, which is not what you’re going for.


Your flooring choice can really make a lot of difference on how big or small your home’s rooms would appear. So don’t stop at just rearranging furniture and adding more lighting to the room. Follow the simple tips that we have given you.


If you’re looking for quality flooring options for your home, contact us at Tony’s Flooring Centre. Our highly-trained staff can help you look for that perfect floor!