Excellent Carpet Flooring for Pet Lovers

You may be moving to your new home soon, or perhaps having your current one renovated. Either way, you should know that finding the right kind of flooring for your home is very critical– more so if you’re also pet lovers and owners. Your decision becomes even more important because as you know, having pets at home means your floor would be worn and torn faster, and it would be more susceptible to dirt, stains, and even scratches.


Now among your top choices for your flooring would probably be carpet. And who can blame you? Carpets are just so warm and comfortable, not to mention luxurious-looking. So what’s holding you back? Right, you have pets.


Well, that should not be a problem at all, because Tony’s Flooring has some good news: our Healthy Home line from Beaulieu can withstand any kind of mess – even those that are made by your furry friends. Yes, including those that you dread like the drools, the hairs, and even the little ‘accidents’ that happen once in a while.


With Beaulieu’s Pet Guarantee certification, you won’t have to worry about your floor and the state it would be in if you leave your pet at home. All of Beaulieu’s Healthy Home products, both carpets and the hard surface floor coverings are highly durable and with features that will surely fit your lifestyle.


Worried about pet odour? Do not fret!


We know that no matter how much you love your pets, you’re probably not that crazy about the way they smell. You probably have been warned that their odour sticks on carpets. Well, whoever told you that does not have a Beaulieu’s carpet installed.


You see, Healthy Home carpets are also Magic Fresh carpets. What’s Magic Fresh? It’s Beaulieu’s patented odour eliminator that is built into their carpets. This eco-friendly carpet treatment is a recognized leader in the industry. It is known to eliminate all kinds of household odours from food and cigarette smoke to stronger smells like pet urine. This special feature lasts as long as your carpet’s lifespan.


We understand that as a homeowner and a pet lover, the well-being of your entire family is of utmost importance. That’s why we take your flooring seriously. That’s why we, at Tony’s Flooring only offer you products that are safe for your whole family, including your beloved pets.


So you have pets but you also want a carpet? You don’t have to choose just one. Try Beaulieu’s Healthy Home carpets and you’ll get to enjoy both.