Clever Floor Cleaning Hacks You Would Want to Share

Low Section Of A Janitor Mopping Floor


With our busy schedule, we simply do not have the time or the patience to scrub our floors clean. Fret no more because these cleaning hacks will help you get squeaky-clean floors without the backbreaking work! Read our blog below to know more.


Laminate Flooring

Your laminate flooring is built to last. They are made to keep their brand new appearance for years – this means they can take a beating without losing their lustre and shine.

When it comes to your laminate flooring, you can never go wrong with dry mopping. This simple method effectively gets rid of dirt and grime seated on the surface of your flooring.

If you choose to use your vacuum, make sure to turn it in tile mode so the beater bar is elevated.

Tile Flooring

Professional floor cleaners clean tiles by hand. This is the most effective technique and allows you to get into hard to reach areas and crevices without much strain. This maybe the most time consuming flooring to clean so make sure to allot enough time to get the job done.

Marble and Granite Floor

In choosing the right type of cleaner for your marble or granite floor, choose a cleaner that doesn’t have any dye. The dye on some cleaning products can transfer and stain your flooring.

Steer clear from harsh cleaning agents as these harsh chemicals can cause natural stone flooring to react and dull.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Just make sure to regularly vacuum this type of flooring in order to prevent the dirt and debris from causing scratches.

It is also suggested that you wash your flooring once a week to help it last longer. Once you’ve made a habit of regularly cleaning your cork flooring, it won’t seem like a hefty chore.

Hardwood Floor

Not sure whether your hardwood floor is waxed or not? Rub your fingers across the surface and see if a smudge appears. If a smudge appears after you rub your fingers that means your hardwood floor has a waxed finish.

When it comes to hardwood floors with wax finishing, keep water cleaners and substances away. Opt to use a dry mop or a vacuum instead.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is more susceptible to nicks and scratches so opt to use a microfiber cloth when buffing this type of flooring out. A microfiber cloth can get give your floor an impeccable shine without causing abrasion.


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