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Is Your Carpet Saying Goodbye?
Is Your Carpet Saying Goodbye?

You may be doing what you can to extend the life of your carpet. But the thing is, replacement is inevitable – no matter how much effort you put into its maintenance. That’s why it’s important that you recognize the signs that your carpet is saying goodbye to you. Take note that while some are

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Female sneakers with floral pattern standing on an old wooden floor
What Your Squeaking Floor is Telling You

Your floor may be the one thing that you depend on, knowing that it’s really sturdy and it won’t let you down. That’s why it may be a little unsettling if you notice that your trusted floor is making a squeaking sound. What should you do then? You listen to what it may be telling

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apartment furnished, dining table
Choosing the Right Dining Room Table

A dining room table is a key element to your home that can make or break any space and choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. With such endless varieties to choose from, how do you find the right one? Read the article below and narrow down your choices with some of these important

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Architect's hands drawing home illustration with material sample
Planning an Overhaul – What to do First

Renovating can be an exciting and overwhelming task for any homeowner -from deciding on the overall look to finding a contractor or even choosing the best rug to compliment the space! Fortunately, we have made a quick rundown of things you need to do before you renovate: Know what you want to change The first

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Beautiful kitchen
Great Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is in many ways the centre of the home. It’s the room where meals are made and eaten, that sees the most foot traffic, and that becomes the casual social hub for most homeowners. Making it beautiful can add value to your home and, more importantly, value to the homeowner’s experience. Kitchens always

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In Tony's Flooring recent blog post, this GTA flooring specialist discusses the carpet flooring styles that are available to suit any design preference.
Want Something Soft Underfoot? Choose Carpet Flooring

Although hardwood floors have a classically elegant look, sometimes you just want something soft underfoot. Carpet flooring can be installed over any type of subfloor and there are styles available to suit any design preference. Design Options Cut pile carpet is one of the most popular types of flooring and is perfect for bedrooms, hallways,

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In Tony's Flooring recent blog post, this GTA flooring specialist discusses the various cost-effective green flooring options homeowners can consider for their home.
What are Some Cost-effective Green Flooring Options?

Are you interested in eco-friendly flooring for your home, but want to keep a close eye on your budget, too? There are a number of cost-effective green flooring options you can consider. Green Flooring Options Cork Flooring Cork has the advantage of being a naturally renewable material. It is harvested from the bark of the

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In Tony's Flooring recent blog post, this GTA flooring specialist explains the various advantages  Marmoleum flooring offers consumers.
Advantages of Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option that is appropriate for both the home and office. You may be more familiar with it under its previous name, linoleum. It has become popular due to its low environmental impact. Marmoleum flooring offers a number of advantages to consumers.   Advantages of Choosing Marmoleum Flooring for Your

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In Tony's Flooring recent blog post, this GTA flooring specialist explains the advantages and disadvantages of installing Berber carpeting in a home.
Pros and Cons of Berber Carpeting

Berber carpet is a popular choice among homeowners. This looped style of carpet can be found in all area of the home, from basements and home offices to bedrooms and living rooms. Like any floor covering, it has advantages and disadvantages, and you will need to consider them before making your buying decision.   Choosing

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