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5 Ideal Flooring Choices for Families with Kids

Raising kids is a tough job, and if you have young children, it is necessary to have the type of floor that can withstand all the thrills and spills that young families will inevitably put it through.

However, when it comes to raising a young family, durability isn’t the only concern. It is important to choose a flooring option that will also be safe and comfortable. This means staying away from any kind of gaps, crevices, or particularly hard and slippery surfaces, at least until the munchkins get a little bit older.

You Don’t Have to Compromise on Your Flooring

Having kids does not mean that you have to give up on having beautiful and easy to maintain floors. And with tons of eco-friendly options available, there is even more to be excited about when it comes to choosing the right kind of floor for your family.

Here are some of the most attractive, safe, and durable flooring options for families with children.

1. Oak

For those who like the look and feel of a classic hardwood, oak is one of the best options for families.

Not only is it a beautiful wood, but it is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding almost anything your children can think of putting it through.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is a tried, tested, and true flooring solution for any young family.

Not only can it withstand moisture and spills better than any other option out there, but it is also incredibly durable and low maintenance.

3. Cork

Not only does a cork floor give any room a bright, clean, and understated punch, but it is also incredibly durable and impact resistant.

This means that cork is not only fashionable, beautiful, and eco-friendly, but it’s a great choice for families with lots of little feet bouncing around since cork provides an especially flexible surface that can bounce back from almost anything.

4. Area Rugs

If your children have already done a number on your existing surfaces, but you are not yet ready to take on a big flooring project, area rugs can be a great solution.

Not only are rugs attractive and stylish, but they are comfortable, versatile, and soft.

5. Carpet

Carpet is one of the best options hands-down for families dealing with young children.

Not only does it provide a level of comfort and safety that other types of flooring can’t compete with, but it is also cost-efficient, neutralizes sound, and provides a natural form of insulation. Not to mention that it is incredibly easy to maintain.

With so many green, and partially recycled carpet options available these days, it is a choice that you can feel good about – in your soul and on your sole!

We Would Love to Help You Get Set Up and Kid-Proofed

At Tony’s Flooring, we are a family business and have been since 1961. As such, we understand that young families need durable and versatile flooring options.

We carry a fantastic selection so we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. Reach out to us today by contacting us online or by phone at 416.255.9631 to find out more.

Tile or Hardwood For Your Kitchen Floor

When it comes to getting rooms redone, kitchens are among the most popular. This is because they combine two of the most important things: heavily improving the resale value of your home and updating a room that sees plenty of use. However, the tradeoff for this is that you need to make a lot of decisions ahead of time due to all the different components, including the floor. Two of the most popular options for kitchen floors are hardwood and tile. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when making your decision between these options.

As for hardwood, there are a few major benefits when it comes to your floor. For example, hardwood is generally a more comfortable option for your feet. On top of being easier to walk on, it also tends to be warmer on your feet. This is because tile flooring naturally draws heat away, which can be troublesome during the winter months.

For tile, one of the biggest benefits is ease of use and maintenance. Tile is inherently waterproof or water resistant, which means the potential spills and stains of a busy kitchen aren’t likely to create a lot of damage. In addition, it’s very hard to scratch tile.

In terms of aesthetics, a lot of the time, it boils down to a matter of personal taste and what the rest of your kitchen and home looks like. Hardwood may be more popular in a lot of home design magazines, but there are also a lot of tile designs available to fit your tastes.

There’s a bit of a question as to whether hardwood or tile is the cheaper of the two options. The truth is that it depends. On paper, the materials for a hardwood floor are probably going to be more expensive, but the installation for tile tends to be more expensive overall. As a result, if you live in an area where lumber and hardwood are more accessible, you may actually end up paying less. However, this is location-dependent. In addition, hardwood does occasionally need to be refinished, which is an expense you need to account for.

Whatever decision you make for your home, you want to make sure that you work with skilled and experienced flooring professionals. Reach out to Tony’s Flooring for all your flooring needs. We’ve been serving the community for over 45 years, and offer installation, refinishing, and other services.

3d rendering interior

Choosing the Right Kitchen Tile Flooring

Tile flooring have several usages in the kitchen, that is why it is a natural choice for this particular room. In today’s trend, there are many tile options, designs, and colours available, this is why people become confused when selecting the type of tiles for their homes. Tile flooring is also a long-term investment, this is why homeowners should be wise when selecting the right type of tiles.


When choosing the right floor tile for your kitchen, choose one that will make a strong design statement and that will create the perfect look for your kitchen space.


Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when selecting your tile flooring:


Natural Stone Provides a Polished or Rustic Look

If you are looking for a timeless look, then there is no better design than natural stone. It is a perfect element for kitchens as it goes perfectly with an old-world-inspired look, an industrial design, or a modern style. There are tiles that look like natural stones, featuring realistic veins of colour that run in random patterns and in natural earth tones.


Wood-Look Tile Offers a Low-Maintenance and Homey Feel

Reclaimed wood is known to giving spaces a gorgeous, more modern look. You can, however, achieve the same results with wood-look tile flooring. Preservation porcelain tiles, for instance, will make your kitchen feel homey, casual, rustic, and comfortable. This type has all the charisma and character of real reclaimed wood, with the low maintenance of porcelain. These tiles are made with advanced imaging that gives off the look of real and aged reclaimed wood.


Glazed Porcelain Gives a Modern Mediterranean Look

If you want your kitchen to have a European by having marbleized glazed porcelain flooring. This type of tile flooring offers texture and indentations which makes it look and feel as though it was from a European country. With the many different shades, glazed porcelain tile will definitely give your kitchen a modern look that is as trendy as it is classy.


Weathered Concrete-Look Tile Creates Character

Concrete-look tiles is a great flooring option for kitchens. They provide trendy, industrial vibe that come in a variety of colours. It is also a hard-wearing choice for the kitchen. Some glazed porcelain tiles offer the look of weathered concrete in different shades of gray that can match any kitchen décor. This type of tile flooring is available in large sizes, and it also comes with different patterns and shading that mimic the look of real concrete.


Coloured Tile Creates Dramatic Effects

Your kitchen can stand out when you choose bold-coloured flooring. This makes an immediate statement and it give your entire space a strong anchor. Floor tile that is made to be bold definitely adds a splash of strong personality to any kitchen.


Whether you want the sophisticated gleam of stone, rustic warmth of food, or the striking beauty of colour, there is a certain tile that is perfect for the look you are aiming for. If you need more help deciding, you can always consult our flooring experts!

Photo of modern white and black bathroom

Which Tile Pattern is Right for Your Home?

So you are remodelling a room and you’ve decided that tile flooring would really look good in that room. You ask your design consultant about your options and you realize how confusing it can get what with all the different types of floor tile patterns available to you.

To help you decide, here is a quick guide to floor tile patterns. Read on and find out what pattern will suit your renovated room perfectly.


Considered a classic, the checkerboard tile pattern is so named because of its iconic black and white combination that is like that of the popular board game. You can have this in other colors as well. The key to pulling off this kind of pattern is to keep the room simple and without any other busy design or decor. It is a great choice for living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Straight Lay

This is probably the simplest pattern with every square tile lined up perfectly. It is perfect for rooms where you prefer a simple and modern design, but it’s also the ideal flooring pattern for areas in the house where you’ll decorate with vibrant colour palettes or intricate designs. This classic pattern is also effective in guiding the eyes to a focal point in an area.


This tile pattern has the grid turned at a 45-degree angle to create diamond shapes. This is recommended for smaller rooms in the house that you wish to give the illusion of a bigger and wider space. The 45-degree angle gives the optical illusion where the grout lines take away the focus of the eye from the narrow space of the room. It is also a good idea to use larger tiles to make your room look more spacious than it really is.

Running bond

This tile pattern is laid out in a way similar to how bricks are staggered. It makes use of rectangular or subway tiles and hides any imperfections perfectly, including uneven floors. It’s because the pattern makes it somewhat difficult for the eyes to focus on each tile one at a time. What it does is give the illusion that tiled floor should be considered as a whole and not per tile.

So, have you decided what tile pattern to go for? If you need help deciding, or you want to check out the highest quality tiles you can have for your home, please contact your reliable flooring experts – Tony’s Flooring Centre! We’ll make sure that you’ll get a new tile floor that your family will enjoy for many years!

Bright yellow bathroom interior with white cabinets, tile, big mirror and glass shower

Top Tile Trends to Try

Every season we see new trends for home interiors that give us inspiration for what you can get for your new home or what you can try for your renovation project. Flooring is no exception. If you think that your floor is the one thing that you don’t need to think about much when it comes to design and style, you can’t be more wrong.

We now live in an exciting era where you different flooring materials are available to you in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs. Even the way they are installed now vary, too. Of course, as your trusted flooring store in Toronto, Tony’s Flooring Centre wants you to be in the know when it comes to all things floor. That’s why we’ve rounded up for you some of the biggest trends for flooring this season.

‘Kit –Kat Bars’

These days, everyone in the world of floor tiles, ‘kit-kats’ are stealing the scene. You’d rarely see metro and traditional brick-sized tiles. Designers and homeowners alike prefer this slightly longer and thinner version of the popular tile format. So if you’re on the lookout for a more sophisticated take on a traditional flooring style, try these 228 x 75mm ‘kit-kat’ style tiles!

Exciting Hexagons

If you’re thinking of going bold with your flooring, going for shapes that are not that common is a good way to go. You should consider hexagons, which are hot this season and are suitable for most interior styles. So whether you’re going for classic Victorian, contemporary, or industrial, hexagon floor tiles can help complete the overall look of your home!

Playful Patterns

Patterns are still big these days, especially in interiors. While most people go with an accent wall, why not make your floor the main focal point of a room? This would work perfectly in a bedroom, a kitchen, or a bathroom. Just make sure every other element in the room is balanced and unified so the result would not be overpowering or confusing.

These three trends in flooring are perfect if you want to give any room in your house a fresh look. If you’re ready to revamp your home’s flooring, you know where to go – Tony’s Flooring Centre! Our highly-trained staff can help you choose the best styles for your home, and our seasoned flooring experts can make sure every tile is properly installed. Visit us today!


Hand in orange glove cleaning bathroom dirty floor with brush.

Clean Tile Floor Grout Like a Pro

We know that battling with grimy grout can be a nightmare, but with the right tools and cleaning products, you can turn it into a pretty easy, no-sweat task.

When it comes to DIY cleaning solutions, our top choice is the water and white vinegar solution in a 1:1 ratio. You’ll find that this is even more effective than some commercially available cleaning products. Another plus is how it’s safe and gentle enough to use regularly and you don’t have to worry about chemical fume inhalation at all!

Now that you have a cleaning solution ready, you need to prepare your cleaning tools. We suggest that you use a stiff-bristled brush, with or without a handle, depending on your preference. You can go for one with a narrow row of bristles if you want a tool that is especially dedicated to grout-cleaning. Otherwise, you can just get a regular brush with a larger head for versatility.

You’d want to have a spray bottle for your cleaning solution as well. This is better than having to pour your water and vinegar solution directly from where you mixed it. Make sure that the sprayer is set to “spray” and not “stream”.

Basic Cleaning Instructions

#1. Before you start with the grout, prepare your tile floor first. Sweep the floor to remove any dirt. If you’re working on your shower flooring, you should dry it first to avoid dilution of your cleaning solution.

#2. Spray your water and vinegar solution on the grout. Allow it to work for up to 20 minutes.  Then, spray again and scrub with your brush. If you have small tiles, a circular motion will work well, but if you have large tiles, a back-and-forth motion along the grout would be more effective.

#3. Rinse the area thoroughly. If you’re cleaning your living room or kitchen flooring, make sure that you dry the surface for your safety.

Tough Stains Need a Tougher Approach

While the simple steps above will work well on most dirty grout, tougher stains require you to take your grout-cleaning to another level and to use other cleaning products.

Non-Oily Stains

Baking soda is an excellent choice for non-oily stains. Simply mix it with water to create a paste-like consistency. Apply that paste to the grout and spray a little water and vinegar solution onto the paste just so it would lightly foam. Scrub away with your bristle brush and rinse!

Oily Stains

If your standard cleaning procedure doesn’t work, you can go ahead and use a poultice. This should be your last resort. There are readily made poultices that just have to be soaked in water. Make sure that you follow the product instructions carefully.

Soap Scum

Getting rid of soap scum on your tiles and grout is easier when you use a plastic putty knife. Let us stress that it has to be plastic because metal knives can be quite damaging. Once you have removed  most of the soap scum, you can go and scrub the surface thoroughly with your water and vinegar solution.


Some mould and mildew stains are quite stubborn and if your gentler approaches don’t work, you can try chlorine bleach. Remember, though, that regular use of this chemical can damage grout so make sure that you switch to a milder method once you have removed the mould.

Tony’s Flooring, your favourite flooring store recommends that you regularly clean your tile floor. This is the best way to avoid dirt accumulating on your grout. If you want more tips on keeping your floors pristine, or if you’re looking for new flooring for your home, give us a call and our experts will gladly help you!

Newly remodeled kitchen interior with cork floors maple cabinets and pendant lights

How to Keep Your Cork or Bamboo Floor Looking Beautiful

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your bamboo or cork flooring will keep it looking as amazing as when you first had it installed. It will also help make it last for a really long time.

Bamboo floors should be treated the way you would treat a hardwood floor. That applies to cleaning and maintenance, too. So if you have had a hardwood floor before and you think you have done a great job in keeping it looking nice, you’re ready for a bamboo floor.

Similar to all other floor covering type, giving your cork floor a little TLC will definitely help a lot. And as you have probably guessed, keeping the surface clean is the first step to keeping it great-looking. You might not notice it at first but dirt, sand from your shoes, and dust are not that different from sandpaper that can scratch and mar your floor.

In this post, Tony’s Flooring Centre will help you by discussing some of the unique maintenance and cleaning needs of bamboo and cork flooring.

Helpful Tools & Methods

So, what do you need for your bamboo or cork flooring? The list of tools is actually quite short. You just need a soft broom or a vacuum, a floor cleaning product (make sure it’s safe for cork), a mop, a bucket, and a soft cloth for simple spot-cleaning.

As always, you need to start your floor cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt from the surface. Sweeping the floor with a soft-bristled broom is the easiest way to do it. If you are sensitive to allergens, using a vacuum cleaner with a suction-only mode may be a better option.

Once all the loose dirt is gone, wet your mop and thoroughly wring it. Gently go over the entire flooring with it. You can use a mild wood flooring cleaning solution for better leaning. You can check with one of our experts if you’re not sure about the product that you have.

If there is any sticky or tough stain, try to remove as much as you can with just a dry soft cloth. If you can’t get it all, you can dip that cloth in hot water carefully and use that to remove whatever’s left. Make sure that you dry the spot immediately after.

For liquid spills, getting those removed as quickly as possible is your best course of action. Allowing the liquid to sit on the floor may result to it seeping into the cork and staining it.

Placing mats near your doors is an excellent move. Mats are great for removing dirt from your shoes when you’re coming from the outside. It’s also good at catching drips and splashes if you place it by the sink in your kitchen. Just make sure that you choose mats made of absorbent and preferably natural fabric. In case your mat gets wet, immediately remove it from your floor. When you’re cleaning, don’t forget to clean the area under the mats as well.

If your flooring needs refinishing, we highly suggest that you let flooring experts do that for you. Tony’s Flooring Centre, which is one of Toronto’s best flooring stores, can help you with that. We can also assist you in choosing the right flooring for your residential or commercial space!

Worker laying down white ceramic or procelain tiles on the floor, house reno or construction concept

Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is mainly described as a stronger, more water resistant, and harder type of ceramic. Its versatility made it a popular choice for most architectural flooring applications. But similar to any other type of flooring, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.


That is what we are going to discuss in this post. If you want to learn more about this specific type of flooring, then please read on.




  • Porcelain floors are among the toughest flooring options these days. They are solid, hard, and resistant to extremely heavy impacts. They are also a good option for commercial spaces because they are great for rooms with high foot traffic and heavy equipment exposure.
  • Porcelain floors are dense, making them more resistant to liquid absorption compared to more porous kinds of ceramic floors. When melted glass glaze is applied, the surface becomes totally impervious to liquid.
  • They cannot be stained. Because they repel liquid, staining agents also won’t be able to penetrate its material.
  • The fact that they are resistant to stains and liquid means they are quite easy to maintain, too. Spills can easily be spot cleaned. Simple sweeping can remove debris from the floor, too. Occasional mopping with a pH balanced dish cleaner and water solution can disinfect the floor.
  • Porcelain won’t burn under normal conditions. They can even help restrict the movement of flames in case of a fire.
  • If installed correctly and maintained properly, you can expect your porcelain floors to last you for decades.


  • Installation can be quite laborious because this flooring material can be quite heavy. Unless the building is built to handle extra weight and stress, the use of this type of flooring on upper storeys are limited.
  • They can be a little pricey when you purchase them. (Its durability and long lifespan, however, makes up for it.)
  • While it is true that porcelain tiles are impenetrable by water and resistant to most stains, the grouts between the tiles are not. Grout is porous even when already set. It needs to be sealed if you want to avoid damages. Grout can also be easily corrupted by moisture and humidity, making it susceptible to mildew and moulds.

As you can see, the benefits of porcelain tiles outnumber its disadvantages. Like most other homeowners, you’ll find that if you get your flooring from a reputable flooring center like Tony’s Flooring Centre, you can be sure that you are getting value for your money.

If you are looking for great flooring products for your home or business, visit Tony’s Flooring Centre and we’ll assist you with your flooring needs, from selection to installation.

Woman in workwear cleans floor with green rag

How to Add Gloss to Glazed Tile Floors

A clean, smooth, and glossy floor is every homeowner’s dream. Who does not want a floor that reflects light and gives the areas of their house a warm yet elegant appearance? Installing high-gloss tiles can deliver instant result, but that gloss can easily be dulled by the accumulation of grease, dirt, and other household stains. You may end up with a floor that looks a little grubby.


But don’t fret just yet! There are ways you can restore the shine on your tile floors on your own! Interested? Just follow these simple tips:


  1. Remove all the furniture from your floor area. Dust the surfaces first before you sweep and vacuum the floor to thoroughly remove any dirt and debris. You may choose to open the windows to let in fresh air while you’re doing this step.
  2. Mix some cleaning solution with water, or use your mom’s trusted water-vinegar solution to clean the floor thoroughly. Using a non-scratch pad or a very soft cloth, work your way over the floor tiles and especially along the grouts which tend to hold dirt. When your cleaning solution looks dirty, make sure to replace it with a fresh batch. Rinse the floor with water and immediate dry everything using an old and really absorbent towel.
  3. Now that you have rid the floor of any debris and you have wiped off grime, too, it’s time to apply high-gloss tile sealer on it. Pour the sealer into a clean paint tray. Apply it, starting from the farthest corner of the area, spreading it evenly over the tiles in straight lines. Use a lint-free cloth for application. Do this carefully to avoid leaving puddles of sealant in depressed areas or along those grout lines. Once you have covered everything, leave the sealant for a few hours to dry. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s instruction to see how much time is actually needed for the sealant to dry completely.
  4. You can repeat the third step as many times as needed to achieve the shine you want. Apply successive layers in straight lines that are 90 degrees to the previous layering. If you want a really glossy and strong layer that would protect your flooring, you may need to apply up to four layers of the sealant.


Remember that whether you are cleaning or applying sealant, you should always begin at the farthest part of the room and work your way towards the door. Doing so will ensure that you don’t have to walk on the area you have just worked on to leave the room. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the area before you start working, too!

Ceramic tile floor in a modern luxury kitchen

Popular Kitchen Flooring Options Through the Years

When it comes to kitchen flooring, colour, design, and texture, are all important considerations to make. But you shouldn’t overlook durability, comfort, and easy maintenance as well. Over the years the trend for kitchen flooring has changed time and again. Here are the most popular choices that seem to always land on the list:



Wood is a workable material for kitchen flooring. That is something owners of homes with open floor plans will appreciate. Wood lends an ambience of timelessness and class that matches any theme or style, whether it be country or urban, traditional or modern.


Ceramic Tile

The choices for this particular category are endless. The good news is that it won’t be hard for anyone looking into this option to find styles that are highly durable but still within the budget. You can go for large pieces if you want to achieve a seamless look with minimal grout lines.



This is another great option for kitchens because it is easy to clean. It comes in sheets or tiles in a wide array of colours and designs. Some homeowners get a bit confused between linoleum and vinyl. The difference is that vinyl is synthetic and with a pattern imprinted while linoleum is all natural.



Another budget-friendly option, vinyl has also seen a lot of upgrades over the years as technology improves it more and makes it more closely similar to the look of wood, stone, leather, and more. It is also easy to maintain. You’d love how it is soft underfoot.


Natural Stone

A favorite among the more traditional homeowners, natural stone brings a timeless feel that is fitting for most kitchen decors. It is durable and easy to clean too! You should know, though, that you’ll need a really strong subfloor. It may also cost you higher than when you choose other materials.



This is a great alternative because of its similarities to hardwood: it is really sturdy and it offers built-in resistance to insects and moisture. Because it comes from a renewable source, bamboo flooring is also an environment-friendly option.


This flooring material has become known as the “great imitator” over the years. It’s no wonder as it can deliver real-looking stone and wood finishes minus the necessary maintenance for those natural floor materials. It is available in an array of patterns and wood grains.


These are some of the most popular choices for kitchen floorings over the years. How about you? What kind of kitchen flooring would you like to have?