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Furnished living Room in Luxury Home
Why You Should Consider Engineered Hardwood Floor for Your Toronto Home

Toronto homeowners who are looking to find the right hardwood flooring have two options – solid wood and engineered hardwood. Both deliver the warmth and classic elegance of wood, but there certainly are differences that you definitely want to know about. Here at Tony’s Flooring Centre, we take pride in providing only the best floors

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Wiping dusty wood using yellow rag
Safe Cleaning for Unsealed Floors

When you ask homeowners what type of floor they consider the best, you are likely to see hardwood floors ranking high on the list. It is not surprising. After all, they not only lend character to any room, but they are also very safe for the whole family and really warm, too.   While they

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Christmas tree
Protect Your Hardwood Floors Over the Holidays

The holidays are finally here! Of course that means you are busy with all those family reunions and get-together dinner with friends, company parties, and more. However, if you are planning to host some of those gatherings, it is a good idea to protect your floors just so you won’t be shocked by unsightly marks,

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Ceramic tile floor in a modern luxury kitchen
Popular Kitchen Flooring Options Through the Years

When it comes to kitchen flooring, colour, design, and texture, are all important considerations to make. But you shouldn’t overlook durability, comfort, and easy maintenance as well. Over the years the trend for kitchen flooring has changed time and again. Here are the most popular choices that seem to always land on the list:  

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Labrador retriever dog sleeping on the floor close up
Best Flooring Options for Your Pets

Whether you are having your new home built or getting your existing one remodeled, choosing the right flooring is a big decision to make. This is especially important if you have pets as they can be hard on your flooring with their paws and claws. So if you intend to keep your pets at home,

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Series of shots of engineered hardwood floor being installed by a worker over pink felt paper using hand tools
Solid Wood VS Engineered Wood

Who wouldn’t want to add warmth and beauty to their home? Most homeowners would agree that they would do anything to achieve that inviting vibe. That is perhaps one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer hardwood flooring for their homes. When it comes to wood flooring, though, should you go for solid

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Male hand applying wood care products and cleaners on hardwood floor surface.
The Top Secrets of a Shiny Hardwood Floor

You probably chose hardwood flooring because you love how you can bring it to a good shine. When you achieve that gloss, you would certainly want to keep it that same way. While you can easily get the job done using chemical cleaners, you just don’t feel comfortable using that much chemical knowing that your

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Interior Of Beautiful Contemporary Lounge
Hand-Scraped Wood – Is It for You?

Hand-scraped flooring is not a new fad although it’s now regaining its popularity among those who want to give their homes and businesses a unique appeal.   What Exactly are Hand-Scraped Floors? This hardwood flooring style can be dated as far back as the 1600s. Back then wood floors were scraped by hand because it

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Manual worker disassembling wooden floor ruined from moisture and water leak.
Signs You Need to Replace your Hardwood Floor

If you are like most homeowners, then you probably value your hardwood floors to a fault. However, no matter how much you want to keep your floor pristine and in its best condition for the longest time possible, in time there will be signs of wear.   Small marks, scratches, and a little faded colouring

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Operating with large upright sanding machine
Replace or Refinish? Hardwood Flooring Facts

Hardwood floors are among the most popular flooring choices for homeowners. They are equally elegant and laidback giving your house a perfect balance. Overtime, as hardwood floors get abused by foot traffic, spills, and other factors, they become chipped, dull, stained, or warped. When this happens, when you notice that your floor looks quite worn

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