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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Basement

Having a basement means you have extra space that is open to a world of possibilities. From games rooms to theatre spaces to playrooms and everything in between, the basement can be anything you want it to be.

When it comes to choosing flooring for the basement, this comes with its own set of challenges. Basements are often moister and damper than other parts of the house, so the possibility of mould and mildew growing increases. Having the wrong type of flooring can contribute to this growth, which can impact you and your family’s health.

If mould and mildew growth occurs, this can damage the floors and anything that is sitting on top of them. Furniture, toys, electronic equipment, etc. can be damaged by the growth of these unwanted spores. Do yourself a favour and make sure to pick the right type of flooring for your basement. Below are some options you might want to consider.

  1. Floating Floors

This type of flooring isn’t nailed or glued down, so there’s an opportunity to place a moisture barrier between the basement’s concrete slab and the flooring. This can decrease the chances of mould and mildew growing while giving you a beautiful and functional floor.

Floating floors that are suitable for installing in a basement include carpet tiles, luxury vinyl planks and tiles, cork flooring, sheet vinyl, engineered hardwood, and laminate.

  1. Ceramic Tile

This flooring choice is incredibly durable and water resistant. The tiles themselves will not contribute to mould or mildew growth, but the grout between could become problematic. However, by treating it with a water sealant, the chance of these growing can be reduced.

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your décor and style needs.

  1. Floor Tiles and a Vapor Barrier

Getting floor tiles that come with an attached vapour barrier will reduce the amount of mould and mildew growth in your basement and give you a variety of flooring options to choose from. These come in carpet tiles or tiles that look like natural stone. This flooring protects you from hazardous growth and gives you the comfort you hope for in your basement.

Getting the right flooring for your basement is important to match the style and décor of the area, but also for the health of the people in the house. There are options available for any style or design, and talking to a flooring professional will give you the option of picking the flooring that suits your tastes and needs.

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Excellent Carpet Floor Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Nowadays, wood-style and hardwood flooring continue to gain popularity in residential properties. However, many homeowners still use wall-to-wall carpeting. No matter what your preference, there are some benefits that come with carpeted flooring – from noise dampening to comfort for bare feet, carpet flooring still has a lot to offer and it is still much easier to maintain with minimal wear and tear given a few cleaning hacks.


Here are some of our best carpet cleaning tips you may or may not have heard about yet:


#01. Use a lint roller when extracting small debris.

Suction from a regular household cleaner is sometimes not enough to get rid of all the dirt, pet hair, crumbs, spills (sugar, flour or rice), or other tiny particles nested in the fibres of your carpet flooring. This is normal – but let us tell you a secret: USE THE LINT ROLLER! This is actually a great way to extract pesky particles, but it will probably take you between five to fifteen minutes to cover a fully carpeted room! Don’t worry, your hard work will pay off.


#02. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair.

Are you a pet lover? If you are, then you must know what happens to a carpet in a house full of dogs or cats. If not, then you can just imagine the excessive amount of hair that pets leave behind when they shed. What does not stick to upholstery and furnishing will eventually end up on the carpet. Squeegees are best used for cleaning windows, but you will be surprised at how efficient it is in terms of removing pet hair from your carpet! All you have to do is rinse the squeegee, so it is moist enough for pet hair to stick.


#03. Use heat to help remove stubborn stains.

Not all stains can be removed with heat, but most of them are. There might be many different ways to remove stains with an iron, but let us give you just 5 simple steps:


Step 1: Remove all dirt possible with regular vacuum cleaning.

Step 2: Mix water and vinegar (3:1) and pre-treat all stains.

Step 3: Leave the mixture to set in for five to ten minutes.

Step 4: Use a rag or a towel to cover the stains.

Step 5: Gently iron the area and be sure to move quickly to avoid damaging the carpet fibres.


The combined forces of vinegar, water, pressure, and heat make most stains to transfer from your carpet to the towel or rag.


#04. Blot a stain instead of rubbing it.

We often rub things in our daily life – brushing our teeth, washing our face, washing silver and dinnerware, wiping smudges off our shoes, and more. Rubbing something when cleaning it is an instinctual reaction, but it should not be the same when it comes to cleaning a carpet. When you apply pressure to your carpet, it will only make the situation worse. Keep this in mind: the more you rub, the deeper the stain sets in. Once fibre and dirt spots bind for good, then cleaning it would be impossible. So instead of rubbing it, blot the stains instead. You should always start at the outer edges of the stain and work your way in toward the centre, and do not blot the opposite way.

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Things That Can Damage Your Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood floors translates to having a stylish interior. This also means that your hardwood floors require special care in comparison to other flooring choices. However, there are some things that you are doing on a daily basis that you do not know are gradually ruining your floors. Here are of some of them:


Skipping the Welcome Mat

Imagine that you have sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes – that is exactly what it is like walking in from the street and inside your home, onto your hardwood floors. In commercial spaces, welcome mats are called walk-off rugs, because you are expected to “walk-off” all the dirt, grit, grime and stones on the bottom of your shoes, hoping that your feet are cleaner by the time you hit their floors.


Not Using Furniture Pads

When you sit down on a couch that is not on a rug, you can expect it to slide a little bit and over time, that can make for some obvious aggressive wear just right where the foot of the couch is. Two-inch rubber disks are used to help keep the couch from sliding around, and not just for easier moving of furniture.


Keeping Your Rugs in Place

Throw rugs can go from pretty to pesky in just a few seconds, or even the moment they start sliding around underfoot. This is why it is not recommended to tack them down using double-sided tape as they can actually stick to hardwood flooring and it is almost impossible to get it off. Even when you do pull it off, the tape can still pull some of the finish with it. The same goes for sticky, mesh-style rug pads, too. What you should opt for, instead, is a rug pad made of natural materials. Make sure it does not have a sticky finish.


Bringing the Outdoors In

When you have hardwood floors at home, make sure to tell everyone in your household to ‘not bring the outdoors in’. In some houses, where there are swimming pools, the tendency for people is to come inside the house from the pool. Some children might even run inside and stand right in front of the floor. As they dry off, you would notice that there would be puddles on the floor. For some, there are spots where you take off your rain boots, around dog bowls, or underneath plant pots that you have not lifted off the floor for some time. These are the spots susceptible to water damage. For these areas, it is best to have a rug or a plastic tray.


Mopping the Wrong Way

Some homeowners tend to mop with too much water. The more water that seeps down into the seams of the floor, the more water buildup you can expect. This can definitely impact your hardwood floors negatively.


Using the Wrong Floor Cleaner

There are many different kinds of finishes and each one can have a different type of cleaner that is required. You have to be cautious with the cleaners that you use as some have heavy chemicals in them.


For more flooring tips and advice that surely work, remember to reach out to the flooring experts of Tony’s Flooring today!

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Got Kids? Here’s How You Can Maintain Residential Flooring

Planning to have a family or having kids is something you should keep in mind when you are choosing the type of flooring for your home. Floors endure a lot of wear and tear, especially when you have kids in the household so it is helpful that you recognize the pros and cons of your flooring options.



Hardwood floors are not the best choice if you have crawling babies or toddlers because they are not comfortable and they also do not cushion falls, but they, however, are much easier to maintain than other types of flooring. Hardwood floors are easy to clean with just the regular sweeping and wiping up of any spills in order to maintain their cleanliness and good appearance. They might be chipped and scratched by children’s toys but they can also be refinished easily without the need for replacement.


If you have children who suffer from asthma or allergies, then hardwood flooring is a great choice because they do not retain mold, dust, pollen, or pet dander.



In comparison to hardwood flooring, carpeted floors are comfortable for babies and toddlers because they are soft underfoot, and they also provide a cushioning and no-slip surface for frequent baby and toddler falls. Carpets are also a natural insulator, so they reduce the noise of children’s toys being dragged across the floor.


You just have to keep in mind that having a carpet also requires a lot of upkeep. It needs to be vacuumed at least once a week (or more, depending on the household to clean up dust or dirt). It should also be deep-cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months. For children who have asthma or allergies, having carpet floor can be detrimental to their health as carpet harbours dust and allergens.



If you are into the looks of hardwood flooring but you want a rather lower cost, laminate flooring is your best bet. This type of flooring do not require much maintenance and it is also a great choice if  you have children who suffer from asthma or allergies because laminate flooring does not retain dust, dirt, and animal fur. You just have to be careful when cleaning, or avoid having spills, because it is extremely slippery when wet.



Bamboo is becoming more and more popular for its durability. Bamboo, technically a grass and not a hardwood, is environment-friendly because it is quick to grow and replenish. Bamboo flooring is very hard and it is naturally stain-resistant, thus making it a great choice for families.


If you need high-quality flooring for your home that you are building for your family, then reach out to the experts of Tony’s Flooring today!

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Choosing the Best Flooring for a Commercial Building

When it comes to choosing the best commercial flooring, there are many different options to choose from. What you need to remember is that different types of workplaces also require different flooring materials. It really depends on the industry, customers, as well as the aesthetic that business owners want their building to portray.


If you want to learn about a few different flooring options you can have for your business, keep reading!



Hardwood has always been an attractive flooring material, but it is not the best one for every commercial building. The wood is often loud – it produces an echo, so it is not advisable for large businesses or stores located above other offices. However, area rugs help reduce the sound and echo of hardwood, so if you think that this type of flooring is a good fit for your commercial building, then invest in great area rugs. Hardwood is not just strong and durable, it also very easy to clean and maintain. Do not forget the fact that it is always aesthetically pleasing – you can never go wrong with this one in terms of appeal.



Carpet flooring has many benefits and it is often an excellent choice for many office buildings. Some of its advantages are that it has health benefits for occupants of the building, it reduces sound, it comes in virtually any colour and design, and it is also cost-effective. For buildings where aesthetics plays a major role, such as retail stores, carpet is a great option.



If you have a medical office in your commercial building such as a dentist or doctor’s office, vinyl is a super flooring choice. Medical offices require a no-wax resilient flooring without a waxy buildup. Vinyl flooring has these features and it is water-resistant. In terms of maintenance, vinyl also requires little work. For most office spaces, vinyl is a great choice as it comes in a variety of colours that can match any workplace.


Natural Stone

For many commercial buildings, they do not use the same type of flooring throughout the entire building. Natural stone is a fine choice for lobbies and bathrooms. The look of natural stone is stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but the flooring itself is also solid and durable. The most common types of natural stone flooring are limestone, marble and granite.


If you are looking for the best flooring option for your commercial building, do not forget to visit our website today to take a look at our available options.

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Investing in Laminate Flooring

The ambiance of any room depends upon the kind of flooring it has. For instance, when your friends, family or relatives visit your home, the first thing they notice is the flooring. The same goes for your customers or clients if you have a commercial space.


On that note, it is highly important that you take a great amount of consideration before settling on a flooring for your residential or commercial space. There are many types of flooring to choose from – this is where it can get a bit challenging. You have to know first what characteristics of flooring you are looking for.


If you are looking for flooring that is both versatile and inexpensive, then laminate flooring is your best option. This type of flooring comes in different colours, styles, and patterns.


Laminate flooring is gaining popularity because of its strength and durability. Many homeowners and business owners are choosing this type of flooring because of the benefits they get from it.


Here are some of the good reasons why you should invest in laminate flooring:


*It is resistant to stains, scratches, fading, and wearing out. If your room or space gets heavy foot traffic from people, pets, and objects, then you might want to consider this characteristic as a strong one.


*The installation of laminate flooring is also easily done. It will not take too much time, so you do not have to worry about your work operations or personal time being disrupted.


*In terms of appeal, laminate flooring also comes in different colours, styles and patterns. You can customize it however you want it, having your personality reflected on any room.


Important point to remember:

However, once damaged, laminate flooring cannot be sanded down, rebuffed or polished in order to look new again. You have to completely replace tiles or planks.


The Different Types of Laminate Flooring

Some of the most sought-after laminate flooring types are the following:

-Tile and stone laminate

-Wood laminate

-White laminate

-Brown laminate

-Gray laminate

*Red laminate

*Tan laminate


If you are interested in having laminate flooring installed in your home or office, we are the right flooring experts to consult! We have a wide range of laminate flooring options you can choose from – from the most simple to the most elegant tiles, our laminate floors will not disappoint you! Give us a call today or visit our website to know your options.

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Tips Before Renovating Old Flooring

The importance of flooring cannot be emphasized enough as it bears the burden of foot traffic from people stepping on it on a daily basis. However, if your flooring has already grown old (constant wear and tear), you might be considering having it renovated.  


For your new flooring to come out exactly the way you want it to, here are some tips that you should keep in mind before proceeding with the renovation:


#01. Hire a Flooring Contractor

You might know someone who repaired or replaced their flooring on their own, DIY-style, and you might be tempted to do the same. However, a professional flooring contractor can do much more for you than you thought they could. First of all, a flooring contractor can renovate your old flooring faster. Not only that, they also have all the tools they will be needing to renovate your old flooring. Decisions like what to replace your old flooring with can also come easy with a flooring contractor as they will explain your options thoroughly.


#02. Have Your Old Flooring Assessed

Before a flooring contractor can recommend what your new flooring should be, it is important for them to evaluate your old flooring first. They will tell you if your old flooring needs to be renovated or refinished instead. Trust us, this can save you both money and time.


#03. Remove Objects

This might be an obvious thing to do, but keep in mind that in the planning stages, your contractor can only fully renovate your old flooring if everything on top of it has been transferred to other parts of your home – where there is no renovating being done.


#04. Insured Flooring Contractor

There have been instances in the past where many untoward incidents happen when your old flooring is being renovated. This is why it is important that you only work with trusted flooring contractor, like the ones we have here in Tony’s Flooring.


Your old flooring might have looked good before, but after years of having to endure people’s feet stepping on it, and objects being dragged across it, it is bound to be damaged at one point or another. Thus, you might be thinking that it needs to be renovated so it can be presentable once again.


Here at Tony’s Flooring, we can help you with your flooring needs! We know how important flooring is to any space. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and we can discuss with you your options.

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Flooring 101: The Different Types

Many homeowners do not really know the differences between flooring types, so we are here to help you understand each type better! If you want to have a more comfortable home or office, it is important to know the right type of flooring you should choose as this contributes to a space’s comfortability.


In this article, we will be discussing the following flooring options:








Let us now discuss the benefits of each flooring option:



Carpet flooring is commonly laid wall-to-wall in a room or the hallways. This type of flooring undeniably adds charm to any space and is a great fit for bedrooms. When you have professionally-installed carpet flooring in your home, your interiors will look cozier, more comfortable, and more inviting.



This type of flooring can imitate other flooring options such as ceramic, marble, or hardwood flooring, making it one of the best choices for the people who do not really want to spend a lot of money in actual marble, ceramic, or hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is both dynamic and versatile as it can be installed quickly. Not only that, but it also has a long lifespan which increases the value of residential properties.



Tiles come in different styles, designs, colours, textures, and patterns. If you want to go for a more customized design, you will be glad to know that any design can be embossed on tiles. If you want to add a fresh and rather improved look to your home, then tile flooring is your best option. Tile flooring can also enhance the resale value of your home in the long run, so it is a good investment.



Some homeowners prefer hardwood flooring because it looks classy and it also enhances the resale value of homes. It can be anything from rustic to a modern look. There is actually no better flooring that can beat the feel and look of hardwood flooring as it provides both warmth and that cozy feel in homes.



One of the best things about vinyl flooring is that they are versatile. Not only that, but the are also colourful, easy to install, slip-resistant, water-resistant, good for noise reduction, and affordable among others. This type of flooring can come in tiles or sheets.


Here at Tony’s Flooring Centre, we provide high-quality flooring options and installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Visit our website today or give us a call to know what your options are! We hope to hear from you soon.

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to the most popular and reliable type of flooring for residential properties, hardwood flooring is your best bet. However, there are so any types of hardwood flooring you can choose from – it can be quite tough to decide on which the best one is for your home.


Here are some useful question you should ask yourself before purchasing hardwood flooring:


Which is the Right Wood Species to Buy?

When trying to decide on the right type for your hardwood installation, it is challenging to choose just one from all the hardwood types. There are different varieties you can choose from, and it is important to consider all the options you have and to choose one that best fits your situation.


What you want to look for is the grain density of each variety, as well as the hardness of the wood and its colour. You should go with something that will be strong enough to withstand your needs, and at the same time, matching the looks you are aiming for your home. Our experts here at Tony’s Flooring Centre can help you choose the right flooring option for your home.


What Wood Flooring is the Most Ideal for Pet Owners?

If you are a major pet owner, then you should consider the type of flooring that will be able to hold up to wear and tear over time. Not only do you have to worry about gouges, scratches and claw marks, you should also have to consider urine and other unwelcome stains from your pets that could eventually damage your flooring.


Is Hiring Professionals to Install My Flooring Worth the Cost?

Installing hardwood flooring might seem pretty straightforward – you just have to lay it down and glue it into place. Let us tell you now that that is not the case. There is an art to installing hardwood, and it is essential that you get it right the first time. Proper hardwood installation can be done by trained professional who have years of experience – just like the experts here at Tony’s Flooring Centre.


It is true that a professional hardwood installation might cost more but trust us when we say that the cost is more than worth it. When you are spending thousands on hardwood flooring, it is only natural that you will spend a bit more to make sure that your flooring is installed properly.


Is Engineered Flooring Better than Traditional Ones?

Both traditional and engineered hardwood flooring are solid options – each has its own benefits and downsides. It is up to you decide which of these two options appeal the most to you and your personal needs. The things you have to consider when comparing these two options are their cost and durability.


Our experts here at Tony’s Flooring Centre will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have with hardwood flooring – please give us a call today!

The Basics of Basement Flooring

It’s finally time to do up the basement. Whether you want to freshen up an already finished area or finally take advantage of all that raw space you’re ready to do what it takes to make it great. Like every other room the best place to start is the floors. Your basement are unlike the other areas in many ways so there are some specific things you should know about what flooring is right for it.


Due to the fact that your basement is likely built with a concrete floor that may not be entirely even standard hardwood floors are not recommended as they need to be anchored to the subfloor. Still, there are options for those seeking a natural glow to their basement floor. Engineered hardwood has greater stability and brings less worry about the expanding or contracting that can come with humidity and temperature changes that many basements are prone to. Laminate has much the same benefits and, along with engineered hardwood, is a “floating floor” which means it’s much easier to install on concrete.


Vinyl has long been a standard in basement flooring for good reason. It’s hardy against moisture and won’t rip or tear under normal use. Whether in tile form or planks vinyl flooring can provide a hardy and easy-to-clean floor with a terrific look.


Ceramic tile is the great granddaddy of basement flooring. It can be attached directly to concrete and provides a classic elegant look in an area often crying out for it while simultaneous preserving vertical space. Ceramic also has the benefit of being extremely resistant against water and water vapor.


When in doubt, cover it with carpet. You may not need to evoke the feel of a luxury pool hall or boutique hotel with your basement. You might just need a little extra family space and some protection from that cold basement floor and carpet will definitely do that. You can add a little luxury by going thicker or stick with textured cut pile carpet for durability and longevity.

There are some great options in basement flooring and as long as you pay attention to moisture and other issues every one of them can be terrific. If you’re looking to improve your basement’s flooring contact Tony’s Flooring today and we’ll guide you through a variety of great options.