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5 Ideal Flooring Choices for Families with Kids

Raising kids is a tough job, and if you have young children, it is necessary to have the type of floor that can withstand all the thrills and spills that young families will inevitably put it through.

However, when it comes to raising a young family, durability isn’t the only concern. It is important to choose a flooring option that will also be safe and comfortable. This means staying away from any kind of gaps, crevices, or particularly hard and slippery surfaces, at least until the munchkins get a little bit older.

You Don’t Have to Compromise on Your Flooring

Having kids does not mean that you have to give up on having beautiful and easy to maintain floors. And with tons of eco-friendly options available, there is even more to be excited about when it comes to choosing the right kind of floor for your family.

Here are some of the most attractive, safe, and durable flooring options for families with children.

1. Oak

For those who like the look and feel of a classic hardwood, oak is one of the best options for families.

Not only is it a beautiful wood, but it is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding almost anything your children can think of putting it through.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is a tried, tested, and true flooring solution for any young family.

Not only can it withstand moisture and spills better than any other option out there, but it is also incredibly durable and low maintenance.

3. Cork

Not only does a cork floor give any room a bright, clean, and understated punch, but it is also incredibly durable and impact resistant.

This means that cork is not only fashionable, beautiful, and eco-friendly, but it’s a great choice for families with lots of little feet bouncing around since cork provides an especially flexible surface that can bounce back from almost anything.

4. Area Rugs

If your children have already done a number on your existing surfaces, but you are not yet ready to take on a big flooring project, area rugs can be a great solution.

Not only are rugs attractive and stylish, but they are comfortable, versatile, and soft.

5. Carpet

Carpet is one of the best options hands-down for families dealing with young children.

Not only does it provide a level of comfort and safety that other types of flooring can’t compete with, but it is also cost-efficient, neutralizes sound, and provides a natural form of insulation. Not to mention that it is incredibly easy to maintain.

With so many green, and partially recycled carpet options available these days, it is a choice that you can feel good about – in your soul and on your sole!

We Would Love to Help You Get Set Up and Kid-Proofed

At Tony’s Flooring, we are a family business and have been since 1961. As such, we understand that young families need durable and versatile flooring options.

We carry a fantastic selection so we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. Reach out to us today by contacting us online or by phone at 416.255.9631 to find out more.

Cleaning service. Bucket with sponges, chemicals bottles and mopping stick. Rubber gloves and towel. Household equipment.

Excellent Carpet Floor Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Nowadays, wood-style and hardwood flooring continue to gain popularity in residential properties. However, many homeowners still use wall-to-wall carpeting. No matter what your preference, there are some benefits that come with carpeted flooring – from noise dampening to comfort for bare feet, carpet flooring still has a lot to offer and it is still much easier to maintain with minimal wear and tear given a few cleaning hacks.


Here are some of our best carpet cleaning tips you may or may not have heard about yet:


#01. Use a lint roller when extracting small debris.

Suction from a regular household cleaner is sometimes not enough to get rid of all the dirt, pet hair, crumbs, spills (sugar, flour or rice), or other tiny particles nested in the fibres of your carpet flooring. This is normal – but let us tell you a secret: USE THE LINT ROLLER! This is actually a great way to extract pesky particles, but it will probably take you between five to fifteen minutes to cover a fully carpeted room! Don’t worry, your hard work will pay off.


#02. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair.

Are you a pet lover? If you are, then you must know what happens to a carpet in a house full of dogs or cats. If not, then you can just imagine the excessive amount of hair that pets leave behind when they shed. What does not stick to upholstery and furnishing will eventually end up on the carpet. Squeegees are best used for cleaning windows, but you will be surprised at how efficient it is in terms of removing pet hair from your carpet! All you have to do is rinse the squeegee, so it is moist enough for pet hair to stick.


#03. Use heat to help remove stubborn stains.

Not all stains can be removed with heat, but most of them are. There might be many different ways to remove stains with an iron, but let us give you just 5 simple steps:


Step 1: Remove all dirt possible with regular vacuum cleaning.

Step 2: Mix water and vinegar (3:1) and pre-treat all stains.

Step 3: Leave the mixture to set in for five to ten minutes.

Step 4: Use a rag or a towel to cover the stains.

Step 5: Gently iron the area and be sure to move quickly to avoid damaging the carpet fibres.


The combined forces of vinegar, water, pressure, and heat make most stains to transfer from your carpet to the towel or rag.


#04. Blot a stain instead of rubbing it.

We often rub things in our daily life – brushing our teeth, washing our face, washing silver and dinnerware, wiping smudges off our shoes, and more. Rubbing something when cleaning it is an instinctual reaction, but it should not be the same when it comes to cleaning a carpet. When you apply pressure to your carpet, it will only make the situation worse. Keep this in mind: the more you rub, the deeper the stain sets in. Once fibre and dirt spots bind for good, then cleaning it would be impossible. So instead of rubbing it, blot the stains instead. You should always start at the outer edges of the stain and work your way in toward the centre, and do not blot the opposite way.

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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

When it comes to carpeting, most of us know that there is a lot to talk about: usage, patterns, styles, and fibers, etc. Carpeting is used almost everywhere. You can find it in most homes, high-rise office buildings, airports, convention centers, and other commercial installations. For this article, we will focus on residential carpeting and how to choose the best one for your home.



The first thing you need to do is choose the type of quality you want your carpet to have. You can choose from good, better, or best. The good ones, or the lightest quality, are best used in bedrooms or play areas for your kids. The better, or the medium quality, can be used in the hallways or your living and dining rooms. The best, or the heaviest quality, can be used in the family room or even on the stairs.


The next thing you have to decide on is the general colour scheme of your carpet. Beige? Gray? Green? Blue? You might not think it, but the colour is important when you consider that what is on the floor can influence the other colour choices for that room or even your entire home. It is just like when you are selecting the perfect outfit when you go out; the accessories that you will use will be the accent pieces that will draw more attention to your gown.


After deciding on the colour, the next thing you should consider is the fiber. Carpets can be made with three different main types of fiber: nylon, wool, and polyester. Why is this important, you ask? Well, choosing the right fiber that will best suit your home and lifestyle will determine the performance that you will get from your new carpet.



Here are the different types of carpet fiber that you should know of:



For centuries, wool has been used in rugs. It is the only natural fiber that is used in wall-to-wall carpeting, even today. The sheep, from which the wool used in carpet is from, are special breeds. Their wool is different from the ones used in clothing. Since wool is scarce, it is also expensive. Some retailers do not show wool carpet samples because many people usually say it is beyond their budget. It is, however, common to see wool blended with other fibers such as acrylic or nylon.


You would love wool because it is soft and luxurious. It also wears and cleans well because its fiber structure hides dirt. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. If you have babies, then you would love its hypoallergenic feature.



The trend nowadays is towards ultra soft fibers. The ones you see in the market are stain-resistant synthetic fibers. One of the reasons why nylon fiber has the largest market share is because nylon carpet comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, and it is also very resilient. When you walk on it, the fibers tend to “bounce back”. Most people also love nylon because it is tough and it can be cleaned easily. It can be used in any type of home and anywhere – high-traffic areas, low-traffic rooms, even budget or fancy ones.



This type of fiber has a great “green” backstory. You might not know this, but most of the polyester used in carpets is actually made from recycled bottles! Generally, polyester carpet costs less than nylon ones. So, if you are an advocate for the environment, then you might be interested in having polyester carpet installed in your home!


If you have more questions about which carpet should be used in your home, remember to reach out to our team of experts today! We are more than happy to assist you with all your flooring needs.

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The Best Type of Carpet for Pets

If you are looking for flooring that provides both comfort and quality to residential and commercial properties, then carpet flooring is what you are looking for. It comes with a wide range of colours, designs, textures, and patterns – perfect for any style of home or office. When choosing carpet flooring, you can now make it as personalized as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Let your personality shine while making your home or office as comfortable as it can get!


If you are a pet owner and you are looking for safe carpet flooring for your pets, then you will be happy to know that there is also a wide range of pet-friendly carpet flooring you can choose from. Nowadays, pet owners who are looking for carpet flooring have two priorities: durability and stain resistance. Wear and tear caused by pet accidents from their beloved pets can actually take a toll on your carpet and thus, shortening its lifespan. With that said, choosing the right carpet flooring is essential if you want to provide both safety and comfort to your family and pets, and at the same time, getting your money’s worth!


Here are some of the top benefits of having pet-friendly carpets at home or in your office:


The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Carpets:

*Carpet absorbs sound thus, making your home a more peaceful dwelling;

*Wall-to-wall carpeting makes a more comfortable option for pets as they spend a lot if time lying around;

*Carpet flooring is a non-slip surface that is also safe for animals, especially those whose footpads tend to slide on hardwood and tile flooring.


The Advantages of Regular Carpet Flooring:








*Easy Maintenance


Eco-friendly or green carpets are also becoming the biggest trend nowadays, and many homeowners are going crazy over them. Most of the carpets today are partially made out of recycled materials, so if you are an advocate for Mother Nature, you will surely love to have this in your home or office. Many homeowners and manufacturers are now focused on the environment, so this trend is more likely to grow in the coming years.


If you are interested in having high-quality carpet flooring installed in your home or office, then we are the right experts to consult! We will be there from day one until the project is complete! Do not forget to visit our website today or give us a call for inquiries. We hope to see you soon!

Is Your Carpet Saying Goodbye?

You may be doing what you can to extend the life of your carpet. But the thing is, replacement is inevitable – no matter how much effort you put into its maintenance. That’s why it’s important that you recognize the signs that your carpet is saying goodbye to you. Take note that while some are quite obvious, there may be other subtler signs, too.

Here are some telltale signs you are in for an update soon:

  • Carpet Stains – Do you still remember that very first stain and how you wanted to scream when you saw it happen? How long ago was that? Over the years, every spill gets a little bit easier to take and even ignore. Yes, when you’re so used to an element in your home, it’s easy to overlook what would be obvious to a fresh pair of eyes – that your carpet is just way too stained.
  • Stench – You can’t imagine what your carpet goes through every single day. Not only do you walk around it, but your kids spill their snacks and juices on them, and if you have pets, you probably know what they do to your carpets, too. While you immediately clean up the mess, there will always be residue that you don’t get to. After a while, you’d start noticing a lingering odour that can’t be masked by air fresheners anymore. If that’s the case, even after a deep cleaning, it might be an indicator of mold and mildew. You’d definitely want to replace your carpet then.
  • Wear and Tear – there will always be more battered spots on your carpet. That’s because some you walk on some areas of your house more than the others. Fibers can only withstand so much, and even if you vacuum and deep clean the carpet, it won’t necessarily return to its original form.
  • Wrinkled or Uneven Padding – You probably already know that there’s more to your carpet than the beautiful surface you walk on. In fact, what holds and supports your carpet is a sturdy padding underneath. But as that padding absorbs more and more spills as time passes, it can get worn out too. If you notice that your carpet is uneven, it’s probably time to get a new one.
  • Age – How old is your carpet? If you have been using it since your child’s toddler years and he’s now in college, you might want to consider a replacement soon.

So, do you recognize any of these signs? Are you in the market for a really good carpet? You might want to check out our great selection at Tony’s Flooring Centre. You can surely find one that suits your needs!

Excellent Carpet Flooring for Pet Lovers

You may be moving to your new home soon, or perhaps having your current one renovated. Either way, you should know that finding the right kind of flooring for your home is very critical– more so if you’re also pet lovers and owners. Your decision becomes even more important because as you know, having pets at home means your floor would be worn and torn faster, and it would be more susceptible to dirt, stains, and even scratches.


Now among your top choices for your flooring would probably be carpet. And who can blame you? Carpets are just so warm and comfortable, not to mention luxurious-looking. So what’s holding you back? Right, you have pets.


Well, that should not be a problem at all, because Tony’s Flooring has some good news: our Healthy Home line from Beaulieu can withstand any kind of mess – even those that are made by your furry friends. Yes, including those that you dread like the drools, the hairs, and even the little ‘accidents’ that happen once in a while.


With Beaulieu’s Pet Guarantee certification, you won’t have to worry about your floor and the state it would be in if you leave your pet at home. All of Beaulieu’s Healthy Home products, both carpets and the hard surface floor coverings are highly durable and with features that will surely fit your lifestyle.


Worried about pet odour? Do not fret!


We know that no matter how much you love your pets, you’re probably not that crazy about the way they smell. You probably have been warned that their odour sticks on carpets. Well, whoever told you that does not have a Beaulieu’s carpet installed.


You see, Healthy Home carpets are also Magic Fresh carpets. What’s Magic Fresh? It’s Beaulieu’s patented odour eliminator that is built into their carpets. This eco-friendly carpet treatment is a recognized leader in the industry. It is known to eliminate all kinds of household odours from food and cigarette smoke to stronger smells like pet urine. This special feature lasts as long as your carpet’s lifespan.


We understand that as a homeowner and a pet lover, the well-being of your entire family is of utmost importance. That’s why we take your flooring seriously. That’s why we, at Tony’s Flooring only offer you products that are safe for your whole family, including your beloved pets.


So you have pets but you also want a carpet? You don’t have to choose just one. Try Beaulieu’s Healthy Home carpets and you’ll get to enjoy both.


Living room with blue upholstered furniture, window blinds and white net curtain

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet

So, you are planning to buy your very first carpet, or perhaps you are considering replacing your old one. Then you ask around for advice from your friends and family regarding which is a better choice: nylon or polyester? Some of them would probably say nylon and some of them might say polyester. Now, you find yourself stuck in a dilemma.


These two fabrics may be quite different from each other when it comes to its performance and feel. However, keep in mind that when shopping for carpet you should not forget to consider some of the factors like price, durability, and texture to name a few.


Durability: When it comes to durability, nylon has the advantage over polyester. Nylon carpets are spun as a bulked continuous-filament (BCF) yarn. Nylon also has a high abrasion resistance compared to polyester. If you are planning to put your carpet in a room where there is constant traffic, like people going in and out, where you always move your furniture from one place to another, tables and chairs are always moved around, etc.


Cost: If budget is a major factor in this particular debate, then this time, polyester is your friend. Generally speaking, you’ll have to pay 35% to 50% less if you choose polyester over nylon fabric.


Texture: If you imagine yourself waking up in the morning, grabbing that cup of coffee and striding your foot over your carpet expecting it to be smooth, then polyester is the right fabric for you. The softness of nylon fabric definitely fails in this category because of its durability and nice texture.


Stain Resistance: Both of these materials are very resistant to stain. However, if you have kids running around and you feel that your carpet is a target for spilled chocolate or any substance that could potentially stain your carpet, then the polyester fabric is best for you if you really hate cleaning your carpet every now and then. This is because nylon fabric is very absorbent and quickly soaks in liquids, thus, it is harder to clean.


These are two of the most popular materials in the market right now so before choosing the right one for you, don’t forget to consider all of the factors above. If you want a cheaper material, go for polyester. If you want a carpet that is long-lasting and very durable, then don’t hesitate to go for nylon fabric. It all boils down to which carpet fabric suits your lifestyle better.

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Hypoallergenic Carpet – Do You Need One?

Carpet has always been known to collect dust and pollen, which are common allergens. It can be really challenging to remove these allergy-triggers from your home – especially if you have carpet floors. That’s what most people believe.

Because of this generalized belief, many homeowners who are also asthma sufferers choose to install hard flooring. But what they do not know is they actually have an option! There are hypoallergenic carpets now that can keep allergens to a minimum so you won’t have to worry about non-stop sneezing at home!

Here are some things you need to know about hypoallergenic carpets:

Hypoallergenic carpets are designed to reduce the allergens in your home significantly. They can come in a variety of materials, but the most common ones include:

Nylon which is resistant to dirt, mildew, and moisture

Olefin which is also moisture and mildew-resistant

Polypropylene which also resists mildew and moisture

There are also natural fibres used for hypoallergenic carpets that are made with no oils, petroleum, or high-emission chemicals. These natural fibres include:




Sea Grass

If you are going to choose natural fibres, it is recommended that you opt for tightly-woven carpeting because it can trap allergens that you can easily vacuum up.

Allergy-Friendly Glues and Pads

Unfortunately, allergies may also be triggered by the padding and the glue used underneath your carpeting. Sometimes it is not enough to swap conventional carpets for natural fibre. You want to make sure that allergy-friendly pads and glues are also used.

For the padding, you should go for one that has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, as well as moisture-resistant. Also, ask your flooring installer to use low-VOC glues so you can keep the air in your home clean and safe.

Can Hypoallergenic Carpets Eliminate All Allergens

While hypoallergenic carpeting won’t be able to keep all types of allergens out of your house, it can definitely reduce them. That helps ensure that there are fewer attacks! Of course, it is important that you also have a high-quality vacuum cleaner if you’re going to have carpet flooring. Keeping all the surfaces (not just the floor) of your home clean always is also one of the best ways to minimize allergens inside the house.

So, are you ready to choose a hypoallergenic carpet for your home? If you are, don’t forget to check out our amazing hypoallergenic carpet selection at Tony’s Flooring Centre!

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Cut Pile vs. Textured Carpet

If you are considering buying a carpet and you’ve started looking at some, you may get very confused with the astounding number of options for you. There is a wide variation on types and styles of carpets such as textured carpet and more!

You don’t have to feel frustrated, though! If you’re trying to find the difference between cut pile carpet and textured carpet, this guide can help you.

First, you have to know that when people talk about textured carpet, what is being described is actually a carpet with a cut pile. A cut pile carpet has fibre that has been attached to the backing in a loop first, then cut. This creates a more tufted surface.

Does this mean cut pile carpets and textured carpets are basically the same? Not really. There are different types of cut pile carpet which depends on the treatment of the fibre as well as the length. The fibres of a true textured carpet are uneven in length, creating a fuller and more textured feel. Types of cut pile carpets include Saxony, plush, frieze, and cable or shag.

Is Textured Carpet Right for Your Home?

There’s a reason why textured carpets are considered the most popular carpet type. It is mainly because of the way that they are made. The combination of the cut pile process with the uneven fibres results in a hard-wearing carpet that is less likely to show dirt or dents! Any household with kids or pets would benefit from this type of carpet.

There are also other elements that can affect the durability and stain resistance of a carpet. Those elements include the type of fibre used and how dense it is. Of course, having an integrated stain resistant finish greatly helps, too. You may opt for wool or perhaps nylon or polyester, depending on your budget and the texture you prefer.

Another thing that you have to know is that textured carpets tend to look a little less formal and less luxurious. It’s also not that common for textured carpets to have patterns. But if what you are looking for is a solid colour carpet that will work well in any room, then a textured cut pile carpet is an excellent choice!

If you are looking for a carpet for your home or business, then you should definitely check out our selection of carpets at Tony’s Flooring Centre! We can even help you choose one that will suit your needs best!

Extend the Life of Your Area Rug!

Extend the Life of Your Area Rug!

So you finally got that area rug that you’ve been eyeing for months and it fits your room perfectly. The only thing you can wish for right now is for it to look as good as it does now for years and years. Well, if you follow guidelines, your prized area rug will surely last you a really long time.

If you want to extend the life of your rug, then you should know that frequent vacuuming is a requirement. You see, dirt and dust that gets inside your home every single day can accumulate and settle into the fibres of the rug – especially so if it’s in a high-traffic area. But you have to do it carefully and it’s better to use a high-quality vacuum cleaner as well because they can also loosen or tear the rug fibres as well. Use the attachments that come with your vacuum as they are gentler. If you don’t have a problem doing it manually, you can also try a carpet sweeper.

Address Spills Immediately

The fibres of your area rug or carpet act like wick and will pull up spills to the top of the pile fast. If you allow the spill to dry, the stain can be permanent. Of course, the specific cleaning process depends on the type of rug as well as the kind of stain, but these methods are proven effective for most types of rugs:

  • With a dry cloth, blot the stain instead of rubbing it in
  • Spray the stain with water and blot with dry cloth again
  • Repeat the process until you get the stain out

You can also ask your flooring experts at Tony’s Flooring Centre for tips on how you can remove the stain on the specific type of rug you have.

Rotate the Rug

It’s advisable that you rotate your rug 180 degrees at least once or twice a year to prevent certain areas from fading or wearing more than the others.

Use a Rug Pad

Using a rug pad can extend the life of your area rug because it can act as a buffer between the hard surface and the rug itself, thus preventing the fibres from getting crushed too much. You can also minimize rug wear this way as the pad will serve as a cushion. It will help keep your rug from slipping on your floor’s hard surface, too.

If you follow these simple tips, you can be sure that you’ll get to enjoy years with your area rug looking as beautiful as it did when you bought it.

Looking for an area rug to liven up your space or to replace an old one? We have an amazing selection for you at Tony’s Flooring Centre!