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Keeping Floors Clean in the Winter

Winter is here, which means that snow, salt, dirt, and other debris will find their way onto the bottom of boots and into the house. This can be a frustrating time of year to keep floors clean, but it is possible to accomplish the task. Below are some ways to keep floors clean in the winter.

  1. Place Sturdy Mats Outside

Having a bristly, sturdy mat outside every opening to the house will allow people to wipe their boots before stepping inside. Having a coarse texture will remove the soles of any dirt or salt so less gets tracked in.

Make sure these mats can stand up to any conditions the weather throws its way, and they have to be cleaned off every once in a while to remain effective. If they get covered after a snowstorm, remove the white stuff so they can keep doing their job.

  1. Place Doormats Inside

After people have cleaned off their snow boots outside, having a mat inside at every entrance will give them another place to knock off more moisture, dirt, and salt. This will further reduce the amount of debris that gets onto the floors.

  1. Use a Plastic Tray for Boots

Using a plastic tray for boots that have been outside will help contain any snow that didn’t get knocked off and melts. It will also keep the dirt and salt in one area for easy cleanup, keeping the grime off the rest of the flooring in the house.

  1. Clean up Debris Right Away

Some places put salt, sand, chemicals, or other substances on the road or sidewalks to get rid of dangerous ice. This can get stuck on boots and carried into the house. Cleaning up the debris as soon as possible with a vacuum will ensure that it doesn’t get ground into carpet fibers or stain floors.

  1. Wipe Your Pet’s Paws

If you have pets that go in and out throughout the entire winter season, you’ll probably have a hard time getting them to wipe their feet on the mats you’ve laid out. That means they’ll be tracking in wetness and other debris. Meeting them at the door and wiping their paws before they enter the house will help keep floors clean during the winter.

With the amount of wetness, mud, and salt that exists during the winter, it can seem like an endless task to keep floors clean. However, with a few measures in place, staying vigilant, and talking to a flooring professional, the task can be accomplished.