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Choosing the Right Flooring for Every Room

Your flooring is among the most abused parts of the house. Every day it has to endure dirty shoes, muddy paws, scraping chair legs, and more. If you are considering replacing your floors, think hard about how it will be used for each room in the house before making any decisions. After all, what might be perfect for the living room or bedroom may turn out to be impractical to use in the kitchen.


Here are some points you should keep in mind:


Does your family track in mud and dirt all the time?

Put down flooring that can catch dirt but is also easy-to-clean. Interior designers suggest ceramic tiles or porcelain for mudrooms because they are relatively low-maintenance and very durable, too. All they need is a quick sweeping or vacuuming to remove debris, and a little mopping for more stubborn dirt.


Do you have tiny tornadoes in the playroom?

If your kids are a bunch of firecrackers, you’d definitely want something soft so they can sit, play, and lay on it. A low, tightly woven loop area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting would be perfect.


Do you like something cozy for your bedroom?

Although hardwood flooring is a popular choice for other rooms, you might want something comfier for your bedroom. After all, you’d be walking around your own room barefoot a lot, so you better have something your feet would be happy to walk on.


Do you often entertain in the dining room?

If so, hardwood floor is the clear winner for you. Hardwood floors add instant warmth to any room. Wear also adds character to wood floors over time too. Additionally, you can consider a dense area rug that is easy to clean in case of spills (which are inevitable anyway).


Do you have rowdy pets?

Tiles and bamboo flooring are excellent choices for homes with pets. You might want to keep wall to wall carpet at bay for now. But if you really love it, go for a stain-resistant one and choose a colour that could conceal stains better.


Do you want something trendy for your kitchen?

You can always opt for something out of the box. You are not confined to light and dark woods or tiles. You can go for cork or vinyl flooring that also looks like real wood. You might want to consider gray as we see this hue more and more this year.


Do you want a luxurious bathroom?

Who doesn’t, right? Well, whatever you choose, let it not be carpet. It is not just the place for carpets. There is too much moisture and it can get difficult when you have to clean every spill of toiletries or cosmetics.


For a whole range of flooring options perfect for every room in your house, check out Tony’s Flooring Center! We’d be happy to help you find the appropriate flooring for each room!



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How To: Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles are not just your flooring or wall décor. They make up a big part of your kitchen and bathroom, and making sure that the grout is really clean is crucial if you want to keep your tiles looking impressive. Marks are not that obvious on black grout but if what you have is white or gray grouting, then you should know that they stain more easily, making your room look dirtier than it really is. Of course, the tiles would require a little of your attention every now and then as well, so it is best to have a hardworking tile cleaner in your cupboard.


However, it is not just about the type or brand of cleaner you use but more so about your cleaning methods to make sure you get the stains out.  You do not have to spend hours on end scrubbing really hard. There are some easy steps that could deal with dirt quickly so you’ll have more time to spend on other activities. Here is our step by step guide for you:


  1. You can either use a broom or a mop to wipe the floor tiles or a dry cloth if you are cleaning wall tiles. Do this before you start with the grout cleaning process to get rid of accumulated dust.


  1. Apply cleaning solution to the grout and make sure all the crevices are covered. You may need to reapply the solution but be careful not to saturate the floor.



  1. Leave the solution on for about half an hour. This will be just enough time to loosen stains and lift them off easier, too.


  1. Scrub the grout clean with a brush with hard bristles. You could find brushes that are created specifically for this purpose at some DIY stores. You do not have to buy one though as any old toothbrush would work just as well. Just be careful to store it with other cleaning tools!



  1. When you have removed all the dirt and stains, you can rinse your tile floor or wall with clean water. Dry the surface with a clean cloth.


If there are any stubborn stains then you might need to repeat this process regularly for optimal outcome. If you are not into using store-bought chemical cleaners, you can opt for DIY cleaners using bleach or perhaps paste made of baking soda and a little water. For marble tiles, it is advisable to use a very mild dishwashing soap as acidic products can be damaging.

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How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Home

There are a plethora of factors a homeowner must consider before committing to a certain type of flooring. Before you make a decision consider the factors discussed below to ensure you make the best choice for your home.

Remember, your flooring is a big part of your home and installing it takes a lot of work. Best you make a decision you can live with for a long time. Below are some of the factors you have to consider before choosing the perfect flooring for your home.

1. Practicality

One of the most important things you have to consider when choosing the right type of flooring for your home is practicality. Ask yourself what the room is mainly used for and choose accordingly. You wouldn’t want to have fluffy carpeting in a room that is susceptible to water splashes, would you?

2. Maintenance

You also have to keep in mind that maintenance plays a huge part in choosing the right type of flooring for your home. If a room receives high amounts of foot traffic on a regular basis, then it is best that you choose a type of flooring that is easy to clean.

3. Your loved ones

This might be a tip you don’t hear very often. When choosing the right type of flooring your home, consider the people living in your house. If you live with someone who experiences trouble getting around, consider opting for a flooring that has more shock absorption as these tend to be kinder to the joints.

4. Aesthetic

Of course, you also have to consider aesthetic, as well. Make sure to choose a type of flooring the marries well with your home’s overall motif. Floorings come in an array of finishes, we are sure you can find the right type of flooring that suite your design aesthetics.

5. Comfort

You might not know this but your flooring plays a big role in your home’s comfort level. Softer floorings like carpets and rugs add insulation to your home and are best for homes that experience cold weather on a regular basis. These options instantly create a warmer space you and your family can enjoy.

There you have it, some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right type of flooring for your home. Still undecided? Give us a call! Tony’s Flooring Centre is dedicated in helping you make the best decision for your home by assisting you choose the right type of flooring according to your needs. We provide flooring installation and refinishing services for homes and commercial properties.

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Spring Decorating Tips

Spring is all about fresh starts and sunshine – something we don’t get to enjoy all that often! It would be a shame if you let this season go by without bringing in a bit of sunshine and bloom into your home with a bit of decorating.

Redecorating your home in time for spring will definitely bring the much-needed sunshine and cheer we all missed during those long frigid months. Let your imagination run wild with these design inspirations that scream SPRING!

1. Go monochromatic

Monochromatic colour palettes are definitely making big waves this season. Brighten up any living space with more muted colours and watch as it instantly transforms your space into a more sophisticated nook.

We are going to see a whole lot of whites and washed out pastels this season so don’t get left behind!

If you are feeling crafty, buy a bucket of white paint and try to give old furniture pieces a fresh coat of paint – they don’t need to be perfect! The more textured they look, the better. This will instantly turn old furniture pieces into bold accents for any room.

2. Let it bloom

Bring out your creative side by making custom floral arrangements you can scatter around the house. You can go as lavish or as simple as you want – best part of it all? It doesn’t even have to cost a lot. Whip out old bottles of wine and turn them into unique vases then let your imagination run wild!

Custom floral arrangements brighten up an otherwise dull room. Always remember to water them, though! No one wants to see dead flowers scatted everywhere.

3. Cut back on the throw pillows

Spring is all about big, wide and open spaces. Make sure you open up any space in your home by removing excess throw pillows and blankets – you don’t need them anyway. Getting rid of all those extra throw pillows give you and your guests’ ample seating room, when you need it most.

4. Give your floor a good sweep (or vacuum)

Whatever the season, dusty floors are never on trend. Make sure to give your floor a good sweep or a deep clean and let everyone breathe a little better. Do not underestimate the power of a well-kept floor – this can instantly make or break any space.

When it comes to decorating your home, let your personality shine through. Don’t forget to adorn your home with smiles and laughs that will surely brighten anyone’s day.


Are you considering replacing your home’s flooring? Contact us at Tony’s Flooring Centre. Our showroom has a vast selection of floorings – you will surely find what you are looking for! Contact us today at 416.255.9631

Clever Floor Cleaning Hacks You Would Want to Share

Low Section Of A Janitor Mopping Floor


With our busy schedule, we simply do not have the time or the patience to scrub our floors clean. Fret no more because these cleaning hacks will help you get squeaky-clean floors without the backbreaking work! Read our blog below to know more.


Laminate Flooring

Your laminate flooring is built to last. They are made to keep their brand new appearance for years – this means they can take a beating without losing their lustre and shine.

When it comes to your laminate flooring, you can never go wrong with dry mopping. This simple method effectively gets rid of dirt and grime seated on the surface of your flooring.

If you choose to use your vacuum, make sure to turn it in tile mode so the beater bar is elevated.

Tile Flooring

Professional floor cleaners clean tiles by hand. This is the most effective technique and allows you to get into hard to reach areas and crevices without much strain. This maybe the most time consuming flooring to clean so make sure to allot enough time to get the job done.

Marble and Granite Floor

In choosing the right type of cleaner for your marble or granite floor, choose a cleaner that doesn’t have any dye. The dye on some cleaning products can transfer and stain your flooring.

Steer clear from harsh cleaning agents as these harsh chemicals can cause natural stone flooring to react and dull.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Just make sure to regularly vacuum this type of flooring in order to prevent the dirt and debris from causing scratches.

It is also suggested that you wash your flooring once a week to help it last longer. Once you’ve made a habit of regularly cleaning your cork flooring, it won’t seem like a hefty chore.

Hardwood Floor

Not sure whether your hardwood floor is waxed or not? Rub your fingers across the surface and see if a smudge appears. If a smudge appears after you rub your fingers that means your hardwood floor has a waxed finish.

When it comes to hardwood floors with wax finishing, keep water cleaners and substances away. Opt to use a dry mop or a vacuum instead.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is more susceptible to nicks and scratches so opt to use a microfiber cloth when buffing this type of flooring out. A microfiber cloth can get give your floor an impeccable shine without causing abrasion.


Give your flooring the upgrade it deserves, contact us at Tony’s Flooring Centre. Tony’s Flooring Centre has been in the flooring business for 40 years. Talk to us so we can help you pick out the right solution for all your flooring needs. You can reach us by calling 416.255.9631 today!

How to Add Interest to Your Tile Floor with Designs that Catch the Eye

Tile flooring is now widely used homes across America. Tile products provide a sturdy, low cost flooring solution when many homeowners are seeking a product that will last within their home for generations. However, it’s important to bring unique style to the property through the tile option you select. Within this blog, we’ll outline how you can engage visitors with interesting floor tiles that catch the eye of everyone within the home.

Use Various Layout Patterns in Dining Spaces

Dining spaces are often the ideal environment in which to experiment with your own personal design tastes. You can use ceramic tiles to mix and match layout patterns within your design. To frame the pattern perfectly, try to choose a different coloured tile for the border area of the room. This will give a nice finished appeal to your dining space, while still allowing you to exert your own personality in the environment.

Smaller Tiles Suited to Smaller Spaces

Oftentimes, you can make a smaller space appear larger by utilizing smaller sized patterns to create interest. For example, smaller bathroom spaces can be significantly enhanced by delicate, geometric designs that include design elements in between the tiles. This brings attention to the flooring spaces and presents a streamlined appeal to open the smaller bathroom area. It’s a design choice that is becoming increasingly popular in condo spaces this year.

Tiled Rugs Bring a Modular Design Without Impacting the Space

For those who don’t want to redecorate an entire living room area or dining room space, there are a multitude of strong design options. One option is to utilize a tiled rug to combine several carpeted pieces that can then be draped over a hardwood floor within the home. It’s a piece that can invite attention from guests to the property without taking away from the current style of the living space. This is an option for those with open-concept living areas that might require an added touch of design elegance to bring new life to the property in 2015.

Tiled flooring options can help transform your living spaces. To learn more on the options available in the current marketplace, speak with our trusted team directly.