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Perfect Flooring Ideas for Your Patio

Perfect Flooring Ideas for Your Patio

If you think that you only have the flooring for your home interior to be creative with, think again! Outdoor living spaces these days are getting more and more attention. Why? First of all, a beautiful deck or patio can add to your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Second, who doesn’t want an amazing space where they can host parties and dinners for their friends and family? And let’s admit it, it’s just relaxing to have a beautiful patio or deck!

Well, your outdoor living space needs great flooring if you want it to look perfect. And with wood, stone, and other types of flooring, you can make your patio look magazine-worthy. Let’s take a look at some of your options for amazing flooring for your patio:

Wooden Tiles or Planks

You can achieve a classic and timeless look for your outdoor living space by having wood planks expertly installed by your reliable local flooring experts at Tony’s Flooring Centre. With beautiful flooring outside, you’ll have the illusion of relaxing in your dream getaway! Or if you’re going for that simple no-fuss yet interesting space, look for wooden tiles that can just be placed on a concrete surface. This would also make renovation easier if it’s needed.

Checkerboard Ceramics

Who says you can’t turn your patio into a fun or whimsical space? You can try oversized white and green checkerboard pattern on your flooring with ceramic tiles. With this flooring concept, you can have a retro diner theme or perhaps turn your patio into a piece of wonderland by adding in quirky pieces of furniture, too!

Beautiful Bamboo

If you’re looking for a green option that would still give you that beautiful outdoor living space that you’ve always wanted. It looks like wood flooring so you can get that luxurious and warm feel. It’s also very durable!

Crazy Colourful Mixture

Who says you just have to stick with one type of flooring? You can always work with a combination of materials to achieve an easy-going and relaxed ambience that’s also easy to maintain. Try a combination of coloured tiles, flagstones, concrete blue geckos, and pea gravels and you’ll surely achieve a look that’s uniquely yours!

With these options for patio flooring, there is no reason for your outdoor living space to be cold and dull. Contact Tony’s Flooring Centre today to find out which one is the best for your patio!

Newly remodeled kitchen interior with cork floors maple cabinets and pendant lights

How to Keep Your Cork or Bamboo Floor Looking Beautiful

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your bamboo or cork flooring will keep it looking as amazing as when you first had it installed. It will also help make it last for a really long time.

Bamboo floors should be treated the way you would treat a hardwood floor. That applies to cleaning and maintenance, too. So if you have had a hardwood floor before and you think you have done a great job in keeping it looking nice, you’re ready for a bamboo floor.

Similar to all other floor covering type, giving your cork floor a little TLC will definitely help a lot. And as you have probably guessed, keeping the surface clean is the first step to keeping it great-looking. You might not notice it at first but dirt, sand from your shoes, and dust are not that different from sandpaper that can scratch and mar your floor.

In this post, Tony’s Flooring Centre will help you by discussing some of the unique maintenance and cleaning needs of bamboo and cork flooring.

Helpful Tools & Methods

So, what do you need for your bamboo or cork flooring? The list of tools is actually quite short. You just need a soft broom or a vacuum, a floor cleaning product (make sure it’s safe for cork), a mop, a bucket, and a soft cloth for simple spot-cleaning.

As always, you need to start your floor cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt from the surface. Sweeping the floor with a soft-bristled broom is the easiest way to do it. If you are sensitive to allergens, using a vacuum cleaner with a suction-only mode may be a better option.

Once all the loose dirt is gone, wet your mop and thoroughly wring it. Gently go over the entire flooring with it. You can use a mild wood flooring cleaning solution for better leaning. You can check with one of our experts if you’re not sure about the product that you have.

If there is any sticky or tough stain, try to remove as much as you can with just a dry soft cloth. If you can’t get it all, you can dip that cloth in hot water carefully and use that to remove whatever’s left. Make sure that you dry the spot immediately after.

For liquid spills, getting those removed as quickly as possible is your best course of action. Allowing the liquid to sit on the floor may result to it seeping into the cork and staining it.

Placing mats near your doors is an excellent move. Mats are great for removing dirt from your shoes when you’re coming from the outside. It’s also good at catching drips and splashes if you place it by the sink in your kitchen. Just make sure that you choose mats made of absorbent and preferably natural fabric. In case your mat gets wet, immediately remove it from your floor. When you’re cleaning, don’t forget to clean the area under the mats as well.

If your flooring needs refinishing, we highly suggest that you let flooring experts do that for you. Tony’s Flooring Centre, which is one of Toronto’s best flooring stores, can help you with that. We can also assist you in choosing the right flooring for your residential or commercial space!

Little girl playing with wooden colorful toys

Kid-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

In a household filled with kids, (or even just one playful toddler), you can expect the floors to get more battered. That is why for families with little people running around all the time, it is advisable that you select a flooring option that can withstand constant action and can still look amazing after a day of play. Here are some flooring facts for parents who are either renovating a room or simply looking to replace their flooring to make their home more kid-friendly:



It’s easy to clean and elegant to look at. It’s durable, but there are some types of wood that get scratched easily. It could also show signs of abuse from toddlers, so it’s a good idea to have a large area rug especially in areas where your child likes to play. However, there are also hardwood styles that can camouflage scratches and other small damages like hand-scraped planks.



Carpets can be amazing, especially if you have a baby or a toddler who’s still mastering the art of balancing on two legs. Carpets are soft and comfortable, and they can protect your little one’s head from bruises and bumps. Children would love playing and even get naps on carpet floors.  There are also carpets now that are designed with your kids (and their unavoidable spills and messes) in mind. Tony’s Flooring Centre has the best carpet options for you to choose from! Visit us and we’ll be glad to show you the ones that are popular with parents.



This is another popular choice, especially for children’s rooms. It’s because cork is warm, and compared to another flooring, is softer, providing a comfy and safe surface for your little ones. However, it is susceptible to water damage, so they are not that ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.



This material is less expensive than hardwood but it’s similarly strong and durable. It’s more scratch resistant than most hardwood floors, too. It is popular among parents who are trying to make a conscious effort to have an environment-friendly home.



Laminate floors are inexpensive and easy to install. They are also durable and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for nurseries and playrooms. You can find a great selection of laminate floors in a variety of colors and designs, so there’s sure to be one that would fit your home’s aesthetics.


No matter which one you go for, there will be things to consider before purchasing. In this particular situation, however, the priority is a flooring material that could hold up to all your child’s activities and toys. If you want to know more about flooring options, Tony’s Flooring Centre’s team of experts can answer your questions and give you helpful suggestions! Come and visit us today!

Ceramic tile floor in a modern luxury kitchen

Popular Kitchen Flooring Options Through the Years

When it comes to kitchen flooring, colour, design, and texture, are all important considerations to make. But you shouldn’t overlook durability, comfort, and easy maintenance as well. Over the years the trend for kitchen flooring has changed time and again. Here are the most popular choices that seem to always land on the list:



Wood is a workable material for kitchen flooring. That is something owners of homes with open floor plans will appreciate. Wood lends an ambience of timelessness and class that matches any theme or style, whether it be country or urban, traditional or modern.


Ceramic Tile

The choices for this particular category are endless. The good news is that it won’t be hard for anyone looking into this option to find styles that are highly durable but still within the budget. You can go for large pieces if you want to achieve a seamless look with minimal grout lines.



This is another great option for kitchens because it is easy to clean. It comes in sheets or tiles in a wide array of colours and designs. Some homeowners get a bit confused between linoleum and vinyl. The difference is that vinyl is synthetic and with a pattern imprinted while linoleum is all natural.



Another budget-friendly option, vinyl has also seen a lot of upgrades over the years as technology improves it more and makes it more closely similar to the look of wood, stone, leather, and more. It is also easy to maintain. You’d love how it is soft underfoot.


Natural Stone

A favorite among the more traditional homeowners, natural stone brings a timeless feel that is fitting for most kitchen decors. It is durable and easy to clean too! You should know, though, that you’ll need a really strong subfloor. It may also cost you higher than when you choose other materials.



This is a great alternative because of its similarities to hardwood: it is really sturdy and it offers built-in resistance to insects and moisture. Because it comes from a renewable source, bamboo flooring is also an environment-friendly option.


This flooring material has become known as the “great imitator” over the years. It’s no wonder as it can deliver real-looking stone and wood finishes minus the necessary maintenance for those natural floor materials. It is available in an array of patterns and wood grains.


These are some of the most popular choices for kitchen floorings over the years. How about you? What kind of kitchen flooring would you like to have?

3d Rendering of a living room with a yellow sofa by the window

Four New Flooring Trends to Try

These days, designers and homeowners alike understand how important your flooring is when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your place. No longer do homeowners leave the decision to the designer or contractor. More often than not, they already have a fair idea of what they want. Great news! New flooring trends are here.

If you are having your home renovated, or you just want to update your flooring to give your space a fresh look, here are some trendy options for you:



Bamboo flooring is not exactly new. In fact, it has been around for quite a while now. What has changed, however, is how designers have played up the look of bamboo flooring, giving it an explosion of new styles and colours. Bamboo is as hard as most hardwoods, if not harder. There are strand-woven bamboo that is twice as hard as the traditional ones. Like other wood flooring though, it’s not advisable for kitchens, baths, and other moisture-prone rooms.



This is a perfect example of how the trend for flooring focuses on achieving classic looks with the use of new technology. Factory-made hardwood flooring delivers the charm that old reclaimed timber offers. It even has that classic hand-hewn appearance! The better news though, has to be its relatively cheaper cost. Factory-made wood also resists moisture fluctuations better.



Concrete flooring has been overlooked for residential flooring purposes, as its humble aesthetics tend to give way to the flare and vibrant appearance of other flooring options. Now it has come back and offers a unique utilitarian chic appeal that is unique to it. It is both trendy and durable. It now comes in a variety of colours, finishes, and textures that it can definitely adapt to any style and décor at home. However, some advice that you consider the comfort factor too, as it is not that friendly to walk on for hours.



When it comes to carpets, we often see fewer shags and more patterned ones. Now there’s a technique that mixes the best of both loops and cut loops to create patterns that can range from muted and subtle to bold and loud. New technology has also brought us softer fibers for carpets and with better carpet pads too, using high-quality dense rubber instead of loose fiber!


There you go – four flooring trends you might want to try for your home. If you are looking for a range of options you can contact Tony’s Flooring Center for some of the best flooring available just for you!



Top view of a man installing planks of hardwood floor

How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Home

There are a plethora of factors a homeowner must consider before committing to a certain type of flooring. Before you make a decision consider the factors discussed below to ensure you make the best choice for your home.

Remember, your flooring is a big part of your home and installing it takes a lot of work. Best you make a decision you can live with for a long time. Below are some of the factors you have to consider before choosing the perfect flooring for your home.

1. Practicality

One of the most important things you have to consider when choosing the right type of flooring for your home is practicality. Ask yourself what the room is mainly used for and choose accordingly. You wouldn’t want to have fluffy carpeting in a room that is susceptible to water splashes, would you?

2. Maintenance

You also have to keep in mind that maintenance plays a huge part in choosing the right type of flooring for your home. If a room receives high amounts of foot traffic on a regular basis, then it is best that you choose a type of flooring that is easy to clean.

3. Your loved ones

This might be a tip you don’t hear very often. When choosing the right type of flooring your home, consider the people living in your house. If you live with someone who experiences trouble getting around, consider opting for a flooring that has more shock absorption as these tend to be kinder to the joints.

4. Aesthetic

Of course, you also have to consider aesthetic, as well. Make sure to choose a type of flooring the marries well with your home’s overall motif. Floorings come in an array of finishes, we are sure you can find the right type of flooring that suite your design aesthetics.

5. Comfort

You might not know this but your flooring plays a big role in your home’s comfort level. Softer floorings like carpets and rugs add insulation to your home and are best for homes that experience cold weather on a regular basis. These options instantly create a warmer space you and your family can enjoy.

There you have it, some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right type of flooring for your home. Still undecided? Give us a call! Tony’s Flooring Centre is dedicated in helping you make the best decision for your home by assisting you choose the right type of flooring according to your needs. We provide flooring installation and refinishing services for homes and commercial properties.

bamboo flooring

Why Bamboo Flooring is for You

Bamboo is the most innovative type of flooring to date. Although made from grass, this type of flooring mimics the look and durability of hardwood. This resilient flooring material has come a long way since it’s early development. Gone are the days when choosing bamboo flooring limits the aesthetics of a space.

These days, bamboo flooring comes in an array of finishes that can upgrade the look of any space. Below, we list down the benefits of choosing bamboo flooring for your home. If you are thinking of upgrading your flooring, read the entry below as we run down the reasons why bamboo is the right choice for you.

1. They are eco-friendly

You can never go wrong with choosing eco-friendly alternatives for your home. Bamboo flooring is made from a highly renewable source – reducing the amount of carbon footprint you leave behind.

Because they are made from highly sustainable material, they are fairly inexpensive to acquire. They are also fairly easy to maintain – just like hardwood floors.

2. They are very durable

Much like hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is very resilient. With proper maintenance and care, they can last you a very long time – reducing the need for replacement.

Bamboo flooring can be as durable as read oak plank, when harvested and manufactured properly. Make sure to ask about the different kinds of bamboo flooring before making a choice to know more about their shelf life and durability.

3. They come in an array of finishes

As mentioned earlier, bamboo flooring is made to mimic the overall look of hardwood floors. They come in different finishes and colours that will surely match your home’s colour scheme and look.

Because of their versatility, you have the freedom be to use them in various parts of your home – from the kitchen to the living room. Take the time to go over different styles to find one that best suites your style and needs.

4. They are easy to install

Because they are made to mimic hardwood floors, bamboo floors are fairly easy to install – making this an inexpensive upgrade to make. Bamboo floors are either made into sheets or planks that can easily be installed on top of any existing subfloors.


Are you considering upgrading your flooring? Tony’s Flooring Centre carries a wide selection of bamboo flooring options to suite your needs. Our experts are more than happy to assist you until you find the right flooring for your home. Contact us today and find out how Tony’s Flooring Centre can upgrade your home. Call us at 416.255.9631

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Spring Decorating Tips

Spring is all about fresh starts and sunshine – something we don’t get to enjoy all that often! It would be a shame if you let this season go by without bringing in a bit of sunshine and bloom into your home with a bit of decorating.

Redecorating your home in time for spring will definitely bring the much-needed sunshine and cheer we all missed during those long frigid months. Let your imagination run wild with these design inspirations that scream SPRING!

1. Go monochromatic

Monochromatic colour palettes are definitely making big waves this season. Brighten up any living space with more muted colours and watch as it instantly transforms your space into a more sophisticated nook.

We are going to see a whole lot of whites and washed out pastels this season so don’t get left behind!

If you are feeling crafty, buy a bucket of white paint and try to give old furniture pieces a fresh coat of paint – they don’t need to be perfect! The more textured they look, the better. This will instantly turn old furniture pieces into bold accents for any room.

2. Let it bloom

Bring out your creative side by making custom floral arrangements you can scatter around the house. You can go as lavish or as simple as you want – best part of it all? It doesn’t even have to cost a lot. Whip out old bottles of wine and turn them into unique vases then let your imagination run wild!

Custom floral arrangements brighten up an otherwise dull room. Always remember to water them, though! No one wants to see dead flowers scatted everywhere.

3. Cut back on the throw pillows

Spring is all about big, wide and open spaces. Make sure you open up any space in your home by removing excess throw pillows and blankets – you don’t need them anyway. Getting rid of all those extra throw pillows give you and your guests’ ample seating room, when you need it most.

4. Give your floor a good sweep (or vacuum)

Whatever the season, dusty floors are never on trend. Make sure to give your floor a good sweep or a deep clean and let everyone breathe a little better. Do not underestimate the power of a well-kept floor – this can instantly make or break any space.

When it comes to decorating your home, let your personality shine through. Don’t forget to adorn your home with smiles and laughs that will surely brighten anyone’s day.


Are you considering replacing your home’s flooring? Contact us at Tony’s Flooring Centre. Our showroom has a vast selection of floorings – you will surely find what you are looking for! Contact us today at 416.255.9631

Clever Floor Cleaning Hacks You Would Want to Share

Low Section Of A Janitor Mopping Floor


With our busy schedule, we simply do not have the time or the patience to scrub our floors clean. Fret no more because these cleaning hacks will help you get squeaky-clean floors without the backbreaking work! Read our blog below to know more.


Laminate Flooring

Your laminate flooring is built to last. They are made to keep their brand new appearance for years – this means they can take a beating without losing their lustre and shine.

When it comes to your laminate flooring, you can never go wrong with dry mopping. This simple method effectively gets rid of dirt and grime seated on the surface of your flooring.

If you choose to use your vacuum, make sure to turn it in tile mode so the beater bar is elevated.

Tile Flooring

Professional floor cleaners clean tiles by hand. This is the most effective technique and allows you to get into hard to reach areas and crevices without much strain. This maybe the most time consuming flooring to clean so make sure to allot enough time to get the job done.

Marble and Granite Floor

In choosing the right type of cleaner for your marble or granite floor, choose a cleaner that doesn’t have any dye. The dye on some cleaning products can transfer and stain your flooring.

Steer clear from harsh cleaning agents as these harsh chemicals can cause natural stone flooring to react and dull.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Just make sure to regularly vacuum this type of flooring in order to prevent the dirt and debris from causing scratches.

It is also suggested that you wash your flooring once a week to help it last longer. Once you’ve made a habit of regularly cleaning your cork flooring, it won’t seem like a hefty chore.

Hardwood Floor

Not sure whether your hardwood floor is waxed or not? Rub your fingers across the surface and see if a smudge appears. If a smudge appears after you rub your fingers that means your hardwood floor has a waxed finish.

When it comes to hardwood floors with wax finishing, keep water cleaners and substances away. Opt to use a dry mop or a vacuum instead.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is more susceptible to nicks and scratches so opt to use a microfiber cloth when buffing this type of flooring out. A microfiber cloth can get give your floor an impeccable shine without causing abrasion.


Give your flooring the upgrade it deserves, contact us at Tony’s Flooring Centre. Tony’s Flooring Centre has been in the flooring business for 40 years. Talk to us so we can help you pick out the right solution for all your flooring needs. You can reach us by calling 416.255.9631 today!

Flooring Trends to Try for 2016

limitless design options. The flooring industry has evolved with the ever changing times providing consumers like you endless selections to fit your needs.

Admit it, you’ve had the same flooring since you bought your home and we all know its time for an upgrade. Fortunately for you, we have come up with a list of some of the best flooring trends guaranteed to make waves this year! Read the article below and find out more.

  1. Strand-woven bamboo

Bamboo has been around for a while but has only been making noise in the flooring word quite recently. Bamboo is already durable on its own but the recent advancement called strand weaving has made it virtually indestructible – making it one of the most durable types of hardwood flooring to date.

Aside from the advancements in its durability, the bamboo is also getting a facelift – with an explosion of trendy styles and colours. This allows you to mix and match your flooring according to your home’s overall motif.

  1. Carpets out of recycled nylon

We are no strangers to carpets but have you heard about eco-friendly carpets? Manufacturers are stepping up their game and making carpets more environmentally friendly by using sustainable and recycled materials.

Despite using recycled materials, carpets are lusher and more comfortable then ever – thanks to a more advanced fibre combination.

Recycled nylon is fast becoming the flooring of choice for homeowners who want to bring a bit more of luxury into their space due to its ultra soft texture.

  1. Laminated wooden floors

The recent years have seen a steady rise in consistent flooring for homes everywhere – this means more and more homeowners are bringing wooden floors to unconventional places like the kitchen.

Laminated wooden floors are made out of a thin piece of wood but have a core made of something completely different – which makes them cheaper and more durable than its conventional predecessor.

  1. Cork

Corks are the best type of flooring for homes and establishments that require as little noise contamination as possible like radio stations and recording studios.

Cork is, by far, the most comfortable flooring option out in the market today. Although less durable than the options mentioned above, they now come in a wide array of colours that’s sure to suite your preference.

We know how overwhelming choosing the right flooring can be. Tony’s Flooring Centre has been providing premium-flooring options since 1961. This family owned and operated company provides personalised services you can’t find elsewhere in Toronto. Call us now at 416.255.9631

Don’t be left behind! Give your flooring a makeover with the help of these cutting edge tips, today!