Carpet Trends of Today

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Back in the day, when all we had were carpets in plain solid colours (mostly beige), interior designers treated them mostly as a nice neutral background to make room furnishings pop. But now that carpets come in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns, carpets are getting the limelight more and more, and for some, they actually serve as the focal point in the room.

Beyond Basic Beige

Okay, so beige carpets are still here and they’re still quite popular. But that’s because they’re no longer the ‘plain Jane’ that we used to know and get bored of. The modern version of the beige carpet comes in more exciting patterns and textures. Some even have varied height that results in a somewhat sculpted appearance. There are now differences in pile cut and you can see thicker loop textures, too. You’ll also see some sprinkled colours against plain or neutral background which add an interesting element as well as help mask small stains.

Going Green

Eco-friendly flooring is a really big trend right now, and it’s no different with carpets. The truth is most carpets that you’d find these days are made from recycled material (at least partially). It’s probably because manufacturers, as well as homeowners, are paying attention to the environment and making a conscious effort to do their part in protecting it. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Trendy Carpet Tiles

Imagine the endless possibilities for design with carpet tiles that you can link together! Carpet tiles are a popular choice for families, especially those with kids because the tiles can easily be replaced if they get stained too much or even damaged. Because traditional carpets have never really gone out of style, there’s no reason carpet tiles should.

Big and Bold

While neutrals are still in for homes with a classic or traditional design concept, more modern homes can go for bigger tiles with bolder colours. In fact, you can keep everything else in the room muted if you have a statement carpet. What colours are available to you? Well you can see purples, oranges, reds, yellows, blues, and practically every colour you can imagine.

These are just some of the carpet trends that are really hot right now. If you want to see all the amazing carpet types and designs that you can choose from, you can visit Tony’s Flooring Centre anytime and our flooring experts will gladly show you your options!